Organisation and management

The University of Tübingen has some 2,200 employees guaranteeing the best possible conditions for research and teaching. The University is managed by the President, three Vice-Presidents, and the Executive Vice-President, who heads the Central Administration. University staff units answer directly either to the President’s Office or to the Executive Vice-President.

Important for the development of the University are the Board of Trustees and the Senate. The Board of Trustees consists of seven external and four internal members who oversee the management by the President’s Office. Members of the Senate, along with the members of the President’s Office, the Deans of the faculties, and the Gender Equality Representative, are elected employees or students at the University of Tübingen.

In addition, various committees and commissions assist the President's Office and the managerial boards in their work by contributing department-specific or non-university expertise.

There are also a number of other institutions which are part of the University’s organisational bodies.