Application for an advanced semester

Applications for the advanced semester (in undergraduate programmes with restricted admission) can only be made online. Please note that the application for admission and further evidence (see "Required evidence" below) must be received by us by post within the relevant deadlines!

Required proofs

** This page is under construction. In time for the start of the application phase in winter semester 2020/21 you will find all information here **

Here you will find the reading version of the statute on admission for the advanced semesters


Application for a master's programme

If you would like to apply for a master`s progamme in the advanced semester, please follow this link.

Practical year (Praktisches Jahr, PJ) in the medicine degree programme

If you want to do your practical year at the University of Tübingen and have not yet passed the state examination (Staatsexamen) for medical clinicians at the University of Tübingen, you must apply twice for the practical year:

The closing date for applications for the practical year starting November is 15 June of the respective year.

The closing date for applications for the practical year starting in May is 18 January of the respective year.

Application Deadlines

The deadline for applications is

  • 15 January (24:00) for the summer semester
  • 15 July* (24:00) for the wintersemester

of the respective year.

These are definitive periods! This means that applications and/or documents received after this deadline may not be considered.

*For the winter semester 2020/21 there may be corona-related deviations. Please inform yourself here in June.


To ensure that you are applying for the right semester, please contact the subject advising before applying. This applies differently for applicants of the degree programmes medicine, dentistry and pharmacy (state examination - Staatsexamen): Please do not contact the subject advising service until you have received your place of study.

Apply/register now

Applications for the winter semester 2020/21 are probably not available before 01.07.2020. Please find information about the current status here.

Here you can access the start page of the online application for undergraduate programmes for the advanced semester:

Application and enrolment portal alma