Faculty of Humanities

Doctoral Students Council of the Faculty of Humanities

What is the Council?

So far doctoral students have not been recognized as their own status group within the University, although their interests and concerns are of their own kind, not simply coextensive with those of the other students and not necessarily with those in teaching positions in the "Mittelbau". Moreover, there previously had not been an independent entity to represent doctoral students and to address their concerns, such as changes in the faculty regulations for granting a PhD, the student-supervisor agreement or the courses offered by the Graduate Academy. Baden-Württemberg's state law (§ 38.7 LHG) mandates the formation of a council of all doctoral students at each University, in order to democratically represent their interests. At Tübingen these councils were formed at the level of each major faculty division (Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, etc.).

What does the council do?

The Council is a central organ of representation for all doctoral students at the Faculty of Humanities ("Philosophische Fakultät"). It defends the rights and interests of doctoral students and provides a forum for discussion. It is consulted when changes in PhD-regulations ("Promotionsordnung") are pending. The council sends an advisory member into the faculty's governing body, the "Fakultätsrat", and acts as an advisor in all issues of concern to the faculty's doctoral students. Beyond that, the council is free to engage whatever issues it deems relevant and may pronounce statements on relevant questions in University politics.

Be a part of us!

Every doctoral candidate accepted at the Faulty of Humanities is automatically a member of the council and is free to participate. If you would like to help in organizing the general meeting or to take responsibility for a certain task, please contact us - reinforcements are always welcome. Please see the site tasks for further information.

Pub Night / Regulars

About once a month we meet with our fellow doctoral candidates at the Irish Pub (Saints and Scholars) (Wilhelmstraße 44).

Those meetings are not only about the council and provide an opportunity for meeting new people and casually exchanging ideas and experiences.

Everybody is invited, doctoral candidates and those interested in doing a PhD in the future.


Maren Ebert-Rohleder, Anna Weininger, Simon Siemianowski
(E-Mail: doktorandenkonventspam prevention@philosophie.uni-tuebingen.de)