Faculty of Humanities

Code of Conduct for the Doctoral Phase

For quality assurance in the field of academic career development, the Graduate Academy has developed a Code of Conduct for the Doctoral Phase within the framework of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) audit, in close collaboration with various status groups within our university. This code of conduct provides a condensed representation of the most important aspects of good supervision and simultaneously formulates steps for fair and transparent collaboration. You can download the Code of Conduct for the Doctoral Phase with its accompanying checklist on their website or obtain a printed copy from your doctoral office.

As an extension of the code of conduct, this website provides detailed and supplementary information on the doctoral process in three essential phases: the initial phase, during the doctoral project, and after the completion of the doctoral degree. Depending on the phase of your doctoral project, you can either access specific information relevant to you or gain an overall understanding of the progression of a doctoral program.

The Faculty Humanities is committed to this doctoral code of conduct.