Faculty of Humanities

Gender Equality Representative of the faculty

It is the task of the Gender Equality Representative to compensate detriments that are caused by gender- and diversity-related factors (LHG 2015 §4). She and the members of the Equality Committee serve as contact persons for the Faculty of Humanities’ students, employees and teachers in regards to questions concerning these matters. This includes problems with the compatibility of family and studies and confidential consultation in case of discrimination or sexual harassment as well as the support of young academics and the funding of Gender and Diversity Studies in research and teaching.

Prof. Dr. Monika Schrimpf is Gender Equality Representative of the Faculty of Humanities since 1st October, 2019. Her predecessors are Prof. Dr. Heike Oberlin (2014-2019), Franziska Plümmer, M.A. (2014), Prof. Dr. Esme Winter-Froemel (2013-2014) and Dr. Lily Tonger-Erk (2010-2013).

Prof. Dr. Sam Featherston is Deputy Gender Equality Representative of the Faculty of Humanities.

Administrative coordination: Christin Schlemm.