Faculty of Humanities

Family-friendly University

The certificate "Family-friendly university" awarded by berufundfamilie gGmbH was awarded to the University of Tübingen in 2014 and extended for a further three years in 2017. The aim is to establish and expand family-friendly structures, because the work-life balance especially for students and researchers with family tasks is a very important issue to realize equal opportunities at our university. The target agreements and the measures as well as further information on the certificate can be found on the pages of the family office.

Support at the Faculty of Philosophy

Family-friendly schedules for committees

The Faculty Board, Faculty Council and doctoral and postdoctoral committees are regularly and fixed well in are regularly scheduled to make long-term planning possible. The schedule of the committees of the following semester are announced as early as possible. Both the Faculty Board and the Faculty Council meet at family-friendly times (from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., without extension). Dates for the study commissions are agreed upon with all members of the commission.

Studying with family responsibilities

Students with family responsibilities have the opportunity to organize their studies more flexible. Further information can be found on the Study website.

Programme of the Gender Equality Representative

The faculty's programme is supported by funds from all departments. The programme "More Time" is aimed at Postdocs with children and family responsibilities.

Counselling for junior researchers with children

In addition, we advise our young scientists in the Dean's Office on other external and intramural funding opportunities, such as the Athene Programme, which also offers funds for childcare.

Support for scientists with family responsibilities in Collaborative Research Centres

All four Collaborative Research Centres of the Faculty offer support and counselling/coaching for junior reserachers with family responsibilities within their Gender Equality Programme. A multifunctional room suitable for children is available in the SFB 833 building.

Childcare for scientific conferences

Child care at conferences enables or facilitates the participation of parents and is thus an important contribution to the compatibility of academic career and family. The children's room in Brechtbau can be used free of charge for conferences that take place at our Faculty. You can apply for a contribution to the costs for childcare. However, the applications must provide a qualified baby-sitter of the children as well as the necessary insurance protection.

Further measures to promote women in science can be found on the pages of the Faculty's Gender Equality Representative.


Family room in Brechtbau

The family room in Brechtbau can be used by students and staff for short-term care of their children. If required, the room can also be used as a relaxation room during pregnancy.

Thanks to funding from the Equality Committee, the room offers a changing table, a couch, a workplace with a desk and toys for small children.

If you want to use the room, please complete the application form for using the family room or relaxation room and send it signed by post or e-mail to the Gender Equality Representative of the Faculty of Humanities. You will be set on the list of authorised users, which is available to the personnel of the library in Brechtbau, who will hand you the key on presentation of your student identity card. The right of use is initially for three years. To extend this period, please send again the completed form with your current user data.

You can find further information on short-term / emergency care for children and working conditions for parents, as well as general information on family life on campus on the website of the Univerity's family office.