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The Faculty of Humanities builds upon an international approach, which reflects excellent research on national as well as international level. The lively and diverse nature of the Faculty of Humanities is proven by the great number of research areas that our faculty has to offer – from archeology to cultural studies, from philology to computational linguistics.

To maintain the international profile of the Faculty of Humanities and to strengthen the scholarly exchange with academics from all around the world, we are thrilled about the increasing number of international scholars at the University of Tübingen. Of course, we will do our best to make your stay at Tübingen as pleasant as possible. The Welcome Center of the university will assist you in all practical issues, for example, visa, housing, and childcare, to help you settle and enjoy your stay at Tübingen.

International PhD

Interantional Networks

Matariki Network of Universities (MNU)

"The Matariki Network of Universities seeks to build upon the collective strengths of its member institutions to develop international excellence in research and education and to promote social responsibility locally and globally."

Matariki Network Mission Statement

The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universites

"The Guild will be an effective voice to further research, create innovation for public benefit, and enrich public debate at European and national levels."

from the Guild Mission Statement


The aim of the Teach@Tübingen program is to give young international academics the opportunity to become familiar with research and teaching at a German university, and thereby to expand the amount of courses given in foreign languages at the University of Tübingen. For the teaching individuals it also offers chances to broaden research horizons and build professional ties.

Application Deadline

June, 20 Visit: from April, 1 the following year

November, 20 Visit: from October, 1 the following year

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Teach@Tübingen Guests