Faculty of Humanities

International PhD Students

Once you have completed your studies, doing your PhD (Germ. ‘Promotion’) offers the opportunity to improve your research abilities and broaden your academic skill set. Not only does this promise great personal and academic enrichment, a PhD (Germ. ‘Doktor’/’Dr.’) could also open up paths to an academic career in the fields of research and teaching.

A PhD proves one’s ability to work academically and can be seen as a starting point for a future career in academia.

The Faculty of Humanities encourages international students with strong academic ambitions to apply for a PhD in Tübingen. The Faculty of Humanities enjoys an excellent international reputation for its advanced research in various fields.

Requirements: The formal requirements for admission to do a PhD are described and defined in the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Humanities. To receive your PhD you have to finish an independent academic work – the thesis – and pass an oral examination. Moreover, you are obligated to publish the thesis and to deliver a certain number of free copies to the University library.

Models of doctorate studies: To receive your PhD at a German universities, you can chose between two different paths:

At the Faculty of Arts, University of Tübingen, the individual doctoral project is very common. Structured PhD Programs that are comparable to the Anglo-Saxon principle, represent only a small percentage of PhD students.

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