Faculty of Humanities

Tübingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University

The Tübingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University (TUCKU) in Seoul was established in spring 2012 and is located on the campus of Korea University. Korea University was established in 1905 and is one of the oldest and most renowned private universities in Korea. Talented students and highly qualified exchange professors form Korea University are granted scholarships from the University of Tübingen.

In addition, TUCKU organizes regular meetings with the Korean Association of Tübingen Alumni, field trips, symposiums and guest lectures by scholars from Korea and Europe on research projects examining Modern Korea to ensure a stimulating academic environment for both students and academic staff. TUCKU has hosted and co-hosted several international conferences in Korea, on topics such as “Green Energy”, “Ego Documents in History” and “Colonial Memories” in collaboration with Korea University.

A trilateral research network between Korea University (Seoul), Dōshisha University (Kyōto) and the University of Tübingen was launched in summer 2014. The current BMBF/DAAD project “Literary Cultures of the Global South”, in collaboration with Seoul National University, brings together leading researchers to investigate literary cultural exchanges of the South, which represent the intersection of the traditional and modern literary cultures of the Global South.

Furthermore, MAKES (Master of Korean European Studies), a dual master’s program in cooperation with the College of Education and Graduate School of International Studies at Seoul National University, has been established with the generous support of DAAD in 2014, offering a two-year intensive program for students wo aspire to deepen their knowledge of Modern Korea and Asia.