Researcher Development Program

Target Group

The Researcher Development Program is intended for postdoctoral researchers and other scholars with a doctoral degree, such as junior research group leaders and junior professors aspiring to a tenured professorship.
Participants must have taken initial steps in academia, for instance in a position at the university.


The professional qualification for an academic career through

  • support during the postdoctoral orientation phase
  • strategic career planning
  • qualification for leadership roles in academia

Structure and Content

The program comprises three qualification areas:

1. Teaching

Along with conducting research, teaching is one of the two main responsibilities of a professor. Most of the courses in this area are coordinated by the Arbeitsstelle Hochschuldidaktik (Center for University Teacher Training), which offers a comprehensive program on planning and teaching courses, advising and testing students, etc. If necessary, more specific courses can be offered in cooperation with other institutions.

2. Leadership and Management

Personnel management, the coordination of teams, and the management of complex projects are just a few of the tasks postdoctoral researchers are required to perform on a regular basis. In the postdoctoral phase, these tasks are frequently accompanied by the challenge of finding a work-family balance. The courses therefore focus on precisely this complex of topics.

3. Career Development

While it is not possible to plan every aspect of an academic career path, it is nevertheless essential to spend some time planning and carefully considering career-related topics. For those who have recently earned their doctoral degree, it is important to reflect on and decide for (or against) an academic career path within several years. For more experienced postdoctoral researchers interested in further developing their academic profile, specific offerings in this area include courses on preparing applications for third-party funding and training for professorial appointment procedures.

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