With the Doctoral Researcher Development Program (DRDP) for doctoral candidates and the Researcher Development Program (RDP) for post-doctoral researchers, the Graduate Academy offers two qualification programs that are tailored to the needs of researchers in their qualification phases. Our programs address topics such as "Research and Responsibility," "Communication and Management,"Leadership" and "Career Development."

Doctoral Researcher Development Program

Target group: doctoral candidates and those interested in doing a PhD

Research & Responsibility, Communication & Management, Career Development

Researcher Development Program

Target group: postdocs, assistant professors, junior research group leaders

Teaching, Leadership & Management, Career Development

Certificate Programs

Target groups: Postdocs, Junior research group leaders and assistant professors

Certificate Programs of the Graduate Academy


Target groups: from doctoral candidates up to assistant professors

Qualification Programs, Consultations and other University of Tübingen facilities

Our Qualification Program

For details of the current qualification program see our learning platform ILIAS. There you will find an overview of our activities and all the information about our program.

Link to our RDP courses 

Link to our DRDP courses  

ILIAS-Platform RDP 

ILIAS-Platform DRDP 

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Your Contact Persons

Doctoral candidates and those interested in doing a PhD

Stefanie Wilke

Program Coordinator Graduate Academy

+49 7071 29-76427

stefanie.wilkespam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Postdocs, Assistant professors & Junior research group leaders

Dr. Britta Hoyer 

Program Coordinator Graduate Academy

+49 7071 29-75394