Application for a second degree

For applicants to undergraduate programmes (in the first subject-related semester) with restricted admissions who have already completed their first degree

Definition second degree

A second degree is defined as a second or further course of study in an undergraduate degree programme or in a second or further consecutive master's degree programme after having obtained a university degree or an equivalent qualification in Germany.

An undergraduate course of study is considered to be an undergraduate course of study if admission to the course of study does not require a previous degree and thus the general (allgemeine Hochschulreife) or subject-related higher education entrance qualification (fachgebundene Hochschulreife) or a comparable qualification is sufficient as an admission requirement for this course of study. A consecutive master's programme builds on a first undergraduate university degree and deepens it, extends it in an interdisciplinary manner or supplements it with other subjects. If a consecutive (advanced) course of study is taken up for the first time (usually with the degree "Master"), it is not a second degree. After successful completion of a consecutive (advanced) course of study, the admission of any further consecutive course of study is the admission of a second degree.

Please note: The universities in Baden-Württemberg will charge tuition fees for a secon degree from the winter semester 2017/18 onwards.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications is

of the respective year.

These are definitive deadlines! This means that applications and/or documents received after this deadline may not be considered.

Special features when applying for a second degree in an undergraduate degree programme with restricted admission (for the first subject-related semester)

If you wish to pursue a second degree in a locally restricted course of study (first subject-related semester), you must submit a special application for a second degree in addition to your application for admission. Places for second degree applicants for the first subject-related semester are allocated for the respective degree programme exclusively via the quota for second degree (2% of the total number of places set for the degree programme). Your application will not take part in the assignment procedures via the selection of the university or via the waiting period. Admission will be decided exclusively on the basis of this separate quota (see § 6 HZG and § 25 HZVO).

Applicants who wish to apply for a second degree may only submit one application for admission in the application procedure. If you have not yet received your first degree certificate by the end of the application period, you are not considered a second degree applicant for the application procedure and cannot submit a special application.

For a second degree in the nationally restricted state examination (Staatsexamen) courses in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, you must apply via the Foundation for University Start (hochschulstart.de). Further information is available on the corresponding website (www.hochschulstart.de).

Please submit the application for the assessment of scientific reasons for the second degree in medicine to the Faculty of Medicine. For further information click here.

Applications for degree programmes with locally restricted admissions are submitted electronically. Information on second degree courses is requested during the application process. You must now do two things:

  1. You follow the path How do I apply?
  2. In addition to the electronic application, the special application form second degree must be submitted within the application deadline.

In the form, you will also find the reasons for ranking within the quota for second degree applicants, as well as information on the evidence required. Further information can be found in Annex 1 of the Regulations on the Hochschulzulassungsverordnung (HZVO).

Application for the advanced semester

If you have already earned credits for your intended degree course and would like to apply for admission to a second degree course in a advanced semester, please follow the link Application for advanced semesters.

Application for a second or further master

There is no separate second degree quota for applications for a second or further master's degree. You apply in the same way as all other applicants for master's programmes.