Englisches Seminar

Dr. James Griffiths

Junior Professor in English Linguistics

james.griffithsspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Teaching. I teach courses on phonology, morphology, syntax, syntax-pragmatics, dialectology, and experimental syntax methods at undergraduate and graduate level, with an emphasis on English. I am interested in advising theses on any subject within formal linguistics, in particular syntax, morphology, and discourse-structure, concerning varieties of English, or concerning cross-linguistic comparisons between English and other Germanic languages and/or Turkish.

Research. I adopt a broadly generative approach to linguistic analysis. My specialisations are, in roughly the following order: (experimental) syntax, the semantics and pragmatics of information- and discourse-structure, morphology (in particular, Distributed Morphology), and prosody. To date, my two main research interests have been the distribution of various forms of parenthesis and ellipsis, within and across languages. I am also interested in dialectal variation in English, and have conducted research into syntactic phenomena that are present in some varieties of British English (such as my own) but not others. Since October 2023, I am the Principal Investigator on the 3-year DFG-funded project Cross-linguistic Experiments on Fragmentary Sentences (CLEFs).

Associated teaching staff.  Dr. Güliz Güneş

Associated Reseach staff. Ali Can Çiçek (PhD student), Miriam Schiele (PhD student)


Englisches Seminar
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