Englisches Seminar

Bachelor Programme English & American Studies (Anglistik/Amerikanistik)

The B.A. programme in English & American Studies offers students a wide variety of classes in linguistics, literary studies, and cultural studies as well as academic English. Our programme enables students to achieve excellence in all of these fields.

In Linguistics, our students become familiar with linguistic analysis and core methods in theoretical as well as applied linguistics. They learn to evaluate language phenomena and research results in core domains such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

In the fields of Literary and Cultural Studies, our students learn to explore and analyse literary and cultural texts and media (e.g. photography, film, etc.) within their specific socio-historical contexts, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary American and British novels, photography and film, from the American colonies to current political and cultural issues in the English speaking world. They learn to apply the tools and approaches in English Literary and Cultural Studies to advance their critical understanding of the English speaking world with a focus particularly on Great Britain, North America and the postcolonial Anglophone regions. Our programme thus fosters strong intercultural competence. Students also learn how to present their results in clear, structured and well-argued prose.

The strong English-language component of the programme in academic English prepares students to communicate and express themselves in excellent English; by the end of their studies students have attained advanced proficiency in the English language at approximately level C 1 of the Common European Framework (CEFR).

Our classes are taught by a dedicated staff, including more than ten full professors in the English Department. The University of Tübingen has a long history of excellence in English Linguistics as well as English and American Literary and Cultural Studies, and provides students with outstanding study resources and conditions. Our various university libraries hold a large collection of books, journals, and media dealing with the English-speaking world and the English language.

Tübingen does not have a university, Tübingen is a university, and one of Germany’s oldest and most attractive ones, too: young, creative, open, innovative. The beautiful, historic old town and its picturesque location on the river Neckar enhance the high quality of life and provide excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.