Cognitive Modeling

Praktikum: Capturing Human-Object Interaction



Dr. Anna Belardinelli

Beginn 13.04.2016
Zeit Mittwochs, 14-17

Informatik, Sand 14

Seminarraum C 412

Die Teilnehmerzahl ist auf 8 TeilnehmerInnen begrenzt.


Every day we use our hands and perceptual abilities to seamlessly act with and on objects of every shape and usage. In this praktikum
eye-tracking and motion-tracking techniques will be used in the context of simple daily interactions with objects (bottles, cups, tools, etc).
The recording and analysis of aligned time-series for eye and hand movements will help to investigate which oculomotor events and segments
constitute the basis for successful human-object interaction. You will get acquainted with different sensor acquisition, signal processing,
data analysis and interpretation methods.