Sae Mi Park, M.A.

Sprachlektorin für Koreanisch


Universität Tübingen
Abteilung für Koreanistik

Wilhelmstraße 133, Raum 63
sae-mi.parkspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de


Mittwochs, 14-16 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung

Kurzportrait (Englisch)

Saemi Park studied Political Science and International Relations (B.A.), Multimedia (B.A.), and Teaching Korean to Speakers of Other Languages (M.A.) at Ewha Womans University. Her master’s thesis, titled “Development of an Academic Writing Textbook for International Students: Focusing on Undergraduate Research Paper Writing,” reflects her interest in creating contemporary learning materials and fostering interaction between instructors and learners.

During the 2018/2019 semester, she taught Korean at the University of Tübingen as part of the Korea Foundation Internship Program. She also served as a guest lecturer at the University of Sheffield’s School of East Asian Studies, conducting online speaking sessions and writing workshops in the 2020/2021 semester.

With expertise in language education, she held the role of chief editor at Longtail Inc., a language education publisher in Korea from 2019 to 2023. She edited various translation works and language learning books, notably including the best-selling series “발음을 부탁해” and the Disney Junior Novelization series. She extended her contributions to collaboration with KakaoBrain, a leading IT company, in developing an AI language learning application.

Her dedication to language education also led her to manage an ebook project titled "Basic English for Teaching Korean (수업이 참 쉬워지는 한국어 교실 기초 영어),” funded by the University of Sheffield Library in 2023. Currently, she serves as a Korean language instructor at the Department of Korean Studies at the University of Tübingen since October 2023.

Akademischer Werdegang

Master of Arts, TKSOL (Teaching Korean to Speakers of Other Languages)

Ewha Womans University

Bachelor of Political Science, Political Science & International Relations

Ewha Womans University 

Bachelor of Arts, Multimedia

Ewha Womans University