Englisches Seminar

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Procedure

When is the Application Deadline?

The deadline is usually in December for the following winter and summer semester (exact date see above).

Do I have to be in a certain semester to apply?

Yes. You need to have completed at least one year of study at your home university. Also, the universities require good language skills.

Do I need language certificates to apply?

For the first step of the application no language certificates are required. However, when you apply at the host university a proof of your language ability might be required, e.g., a certain grade in English in the Abitur. Please note: not all universities require this.
IMPORTANT: If you are not a EU/EEA citizen you will have to apply for a Tier 4 visa. For this purpose, you need to prove your language skills by presenting an official language certificate.

Can I choose to study at a certain university?

You can state preferences, but we allocate the students.

What is the minimum GPA?

There is no minimum GPA. Grades are only one aspect that will be considered.

Should I apply for ERASMUS through more than one department (e.g. Geschichte and Englisch)?

Yes, because places are limited.

How long can I stay abroad with ERASMUS +?

The Mobility grant is given out for 3 - 12 months. IMPORTANT: Shorter or longer stays will not be financially supported by the ERASMUS + programme.

Can I study in two separate countries during one academic year (12 months) and still receive ERASMUS grant?

Yes, this is possible if 2 departments nominate you (e.g. “Romanistik” und “Englisch”). For details please have a look at the ERASMUS homepage of Dez. III Abteilung 1.

Can I get leave of absence (Beurlaubung) for my stay abroad?

No. This is no longer possible.

Living Abroad

Where can I live?

Most of the universities offer halls of residence. However, places might be limited. If you are interested in living in a hall of residence get in touch with your host university as soon as possible to get information.
Further, you can also look for private accommodation. Occasionally in the past students have been cheated by fake letting agents. Some care is required. On the other hand many students take this route and are happy with it.

After your arrival at the host university

How many credits are required?

You do not need a certain number of credits to receive funding. However, the appropriate workload might be relevant for course recognition (see above). The recommendation is 30 ECTS per semester. Please be aware that there is a difference between ECTS and UK credits. Please always refer to ECTS Points.