Englisches Seminar

Career Opportunities

If you have a strong interest in literature, culture, and the English language, one of our study programmes is probably right for you. But what kind of careers do graduates of English/American Studies or English Linguistics pursue? The answer is that the skill-set you will develop, combined with a knack for critical thinking and a good command of English, will make you attractive to many different kinds of employers (private firms, government, media, educational and cultural institutions, NGOs). Whether in publishing, new media, or journalism; consulting, marketing, or communication; cultural management, academia, or international organizations - our alumni have embarked on successful careers in a wide range of fields.

Studying abroad and doing internships will make you all the more interesting for future employers. We have excellent partner universities in all parts of the English-speaking world and the Tübingen-Stuttgart region provides many internship opportunities (Daimler, Bosch, Hugo Boss, consulting and marketing companies, regional newspapers, museums, German-American institutes etc.). The university’s Career Center will help you find internships that fit your needs. And in the Professional Skills part of your study programme you can prepare for job applications, enhance your computer skills, and much more.