Englisches Seminar

Master of Education

Our 2-year Master of Education (M. Ed.) in English qualifies students for their Referendariat (teaching practice) to become teachers at the high school level (Gymnasium). The programme combines a strong focus on the English language as well as the literatures and cultures of the English-speaking world with research and skills related to the challenges of teaching English as a foreign language. We closely cooperate with the Tübingen School of Education, allowing our students to benefit from the latest research in the field. Moreover, we offer our students the opportunity to partake in established exchange programmes with universities in the United Kingdom, North America, Ireland, India or Australia.

The University of Tübingen has a long history of excellence in teaching degree programmes and provides students with outstanding study resources and conditions. Our various university libraries hold a large collection of English-language books, journals and media. Tübingen itself is one of Germany’s oldest and most attractive university towns, with a large and vibrant student population. The Tübingen-Stuttgart region is host to many excellent high schools.

Additional Information on M.Ed. Modules

In English, the M. Ed. study programme consists of the following modules:

  • ENG_ME_1: Linguistics
  • ENG_ME_2: Literary and Cultural Studies
  • ENG_ME_3: Colloquium and Independent Study
  • ENG_ME_4: Teaching English as a Foreign Language M. Ed.
  • ENG_ME_5: Masterarbeit

We have compiled some additional information on these individual modules that you might find useful, here:

Parallel Degree MEd/MA (formerly "Lehramt Plus")

Parallel to the MEd, an MA degree may be earned, which improves the (international) employment prospects of our graduates. For further information, see here: