Systems Analysis (B. Sc.)

Lecture + exercise, 4 SWS, summer term


  • Model development
  • Growth models
  • Steady state
  • Stability, sensitivity, uncertainty

Lecturer(s): Christiane Zarfl, Rebecca Peters, Matthias Böckmann

Matlab course (B. Sc.)

Exercise, 1 SWS, summer and winter term


  • the basics of matlab
  • editor and plots
  • matrix operations
  • loops
  • functions
  • differential equations

Lecturer(s): Christiane Zarfl, Clarissa Glaser 

Hydrology (B.Sc.)

Lecture + exercise, 4 SWS, winter term


  • Circulation of water between compartments in the hydrological cycle
  • Water balance and mass balance equations
  • Tracer hydrology
  • Qualitative aspects of hydrological transport systems

Lecturer: Clarissa Glaser

Aquatic and Environmental Chemistry (M. Sc.)

Lecture + exercise, 4 SWS, winter term


  • Distribution of pollutants in the environment
  • Sorption behaviour of non-polar and polar compounds
  • Non-linear sorption
  • Diffusion and transport of pollutants in different media
  • Bioaccumulation

Lecturer: Christiane Zarfl (together with Prof. Dr. P. GrathwohlProf. Dr. S. Haderlein)

Interactions of geomorphology, dams and flood hazards in fluvial systems (M.Sc.)

Seminar, 3 SWS, summer term


  • geomorphology, sediments and floating organic matter in fluvial systems
  • floods and mitigating flood hazards
  • impacts of dams
  • river restoration
  • river legislation

Lecturer: Dr. Ana Lucía