International Macroeconomics and Finance

We study macroeconomic phenomena, often taking an international perspective. An example is the development of the volatility of country spreads in advanced and emerging economies since the early 1990s, displayed below.

Prof. Dr. Gernot Müller



School of Business and Economics
Department of International Macroeconomics and Finance
Mohlstraße 36, 72074 Tübingen

Team assistants:

Claudia Friscia & Isabel Pilson


+49 (0) 70 71 - 29 - 76017 / - 76018


Upcoming conference: "Resilience and Solidarity in Europe: Economic and Legal Perspectives", February 09-10, 2023, Schloss Hohentübingen. Organized jointly with Prof. em. Kohler and Prof. Binder and Prof. Nettesheim (both School of Law). Keynote is delivered by Prof. Dr. Peter Egger (Professor of Applied Economics at KOF) and Prof. Dr. Chiara Zilioli (General Counsel of the ECB). For more information see programme

For registration please contact  economicsspam

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