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Welcome Aboard: Your Journey Begins at the School of Economics and Business Administration in Tübingen!

The School of Business and Economics welcomes new students to Tübingen with great anticipation!…

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Tax Policy and its Effect on Firm Behaviour

Ferdinand Springer, M.Sc., dissertation consists of three self-contained essays and contributes to…

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Business and Economics in Tuebingen top notch

Top grades for the School of Business and Economics in the latest German Ranking - Apply now!

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Using Machine Learning Methods to study research questions in health, labor and family economics

Over the last decades, machine learning became increasingly popular as a toolbox of methods for…

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The Finance of Startups

The innovative nature of startups may foster the development of all industry sectors. In an era with…

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Renewal of funding for research unit on international tax institutions

Success for the unit "Understanding the Behaviour of Multinational Corporations in the Context of…

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