School of Business and Economics

Doctoral Degree

The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Tübingen awards the title Dr. rer. pol. (rerum politicarum) on completion of the doctorate.

Further information on the doctorate can be found  here.

Graduate Program of the School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics is proud to introduce a new Graduate Program. The Graduate Program (GP) of the School of Business and Economics is an integrated research training program for graduate students. It incorporates the

The Graduate Program offers doctoral students at the School of Business and Economics a strictly research-oriented education and facilitates the optional acquisition of diverse key qualifications.

This program is particularly attractive for students in one of our Master’s programs that have chosen to complete their degree on a Ph.D. track.

Aims and cornerstones

The primary aim of the Graduate Program is to strengthen the academic independence of the doctoral students, inasmuch as they are supported to gain recognition as independent researchers with their own research agenda. Therefore, one integral aspect of the program is the development of a close academic network with other scholars. This also implies that it may be helpful for the doctoral student to spend some time at another research institution.

The supervisory committee consists of the two assigned supervisors, and, if applicable, a post-doctoral researcher from a suitable external research organization (such as the Institute for Applied Economic Research). The GP promises close guidance by the supervisory committee, which is enforced by a supervision agreement concluded between the doctoral student and his or her supervisory committee. It includes regular meetings with the goal to set the cornerstones of the doctoral dissertation, discuss conceptual and methodological issues, monitor the progress of the thesis and provide the doctoral student with job market options.

Moreover, the doctoral student and his or her supervisory committee jointly define the courses the student shall take during the doctoral studies in order to earn the required credits.


The coursework component of the program requires students to take up their doctoral studies either in April or October. The program coordinators will advise on an individual basis on the best intended start date.