School of Business and Economics

Outgoing students

The School of Business and Economics offers a wide range of study programs with an international focus. Studying a Bachelor's in International Business Administration, International Economics and Economics and Business Administration, students prepare themselves for working in an international environment. Hence, a semester abroad is a perfect opportunity to gain international experience.

Moreover, we offer four Master's programs with integrated studies abroad. Three of them aim for a dual degree.
M.Sc. in European Management (Double Degree)
M.Sc. in European Economics (Double Degree)
M.Sc. in Economics (Double Degree)
M.Sc. in International Business

Students in other Master's programs are encouraged to spend a semester abroad at a suitable partner institution. The School of Business and Economics cooperates with several universities from different countries, including ones that are especially recommended for Master students. The Erasmus-Program has more than 30 partnerships with European universities and the International Office coordinates different programs for the university as a whole: there are partnerships with many universities in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Asia as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Exchange Programs of the Faculty

Exchange Programs of the University

Many other exchange programs with partner universities all over the world (USA, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Australia, Japan, China...) are offered by the:

International Office
Wilhelmstraße 9
72074 Tübingen
Telefon: +49 (0) 70 71 / 29 - 7 64 48 or +49 (0) 70 71 / 29 - 7 77 32
Fax: +49 (0) 70 71 / 29 - 54 04
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E-Mail: international.officespam

Students will get information about the numerous partner institutions, grants, admission, organisation of the exchange, etc.