School of Business and Economics

In the home stretch

Your studies are drawing to a close: the last exam will soon be written, the final thesis submitted - what now?

On this page we have compiled all the important information you need to successfully complete your studies.

The path to graduation

Completing your studies

Your studies have been completed - what is the next step?

Whether it's a master's degree, internship or job placement: Stay connected to the University of Tübingen even after you have successfully completed your studies - as an alumnus, you can benefit from our alumni offers for WiWis and remain optimally networked.

I would like to pass on something and advise students. How do you do that?

The Mentoring Concept

With linking alumni and students of the School of Business and Economics, we encourage a lively career-supporting exchange. Therefore, mentoring is one-to-one on a voluntary basis. It is up to the mentors and mentees to decide how often and in what form (by phone, Skype, etc.) they want to do the mentoring. The target is a duration of approximately one year, but mentoring can be continued informally beyond that.

Mentors can, within the framework of this voluntary work

  • reflect on one's own career
  • stay in contact with the alma mater through the exchange with students and keep up to date with the current state of research and teaching
  • use mentoring as a recruiting opportunity.