School of Business and Economics

First hand impressions

Orientation day for high school students

Every year in November, an orientation day at the University of Tübingen takes place for interested students of the 11th, 12th and 13th grade.

On this day, interested students will be introduced to the structure of course programs at the University of Tübingen. As part of the event, a trial lecture will be held for the students. Pupils can talk to students, professors and staff of the School of Economics and Business Administration.

Trial day

Pupils are welcome to take a look at the lectures during the lecture periods. You will get an impression of the contents and questions of the subject. Registration for the lectures is not required. Information on the appropriate lectures can be found here. Click here to access last semester's digital lectures:

Information week for high school graduates in June 2021

The Student Counseling Service and the Academic Advisory Services will support you in finding your way from June 14-18. More information can be found here: The information will be completed among others by an offer of the School of Business and Economics.

Corporate video

The project was created on the initiative of students of the student's body at the school of Business and Economics. Marco Klapper and Josefine Koebe have intensively accompanied the project from idea to completion. Stephanie Drewes (screenwriter, editor & director) of the Stuttgart Media University and two students of media sciences, Andreas Bückle (camera, editing, technology) and Hanka Kehr (sound, technology) were responsible for the film's realization. Thomas Knoll from the business contact office of the school of business and economics was the project leader. The project was supported by Campus TV and the media department of the University of Tübingen as well as the Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart branch.

Study counselling

We are happy to inform you about the study programs and their differences. You can either drop by, call us or send an e-mail? - Have a look at the consultation times and come see us!

Study choice test

Learn about the study programs of the University of Tübingen and find out which study program suits you best.

Is studying the best thing for me? Which study program suits me? Do I fulfill the requirements? What do you do in the study programs?

The Self-Assessment of the University of Tübingen supports you with four independently usable modules in answering these questions. In the modules, you work on different tasks and questions of reflection and then receive individual feedback and further information.

Discover Economics

The Royal Economic Society runs an interesting page on "why study economics" - Find out what you will learn and what you can do with a degree in economics:

student representation

Nauklerstraße 47, 72074 Tübingen

The student body is a union made up of voluntary and socially committed students. Every year, students from the student body are elected to join the Faculty Council by means of free elections. The main responsibility of the union is to represent the interests of the students, especially by active participation within the committees (Faculty Council, Study Commission, Career Commission, and Examination Board). The student body also gives advice on questions concerning your studies, lends lecture notes, organises freshers’ events and other general info events.

The main objective of the student body is to improve communication between students and lecturers. In addition, it publishes the faculty magazine “Wort zum WiWi" as a forum for discussion.

Everyone is welcome to participate and promote the students’ interests!