School of Business and Economics

Studying in Tübingen

Studies at the School or Busines and Economics at the University of Tübingen furnish an excellent basis for your further professional and personal career path. With over 2000 students and a faculty of 24 professors and bout 45 junior researchers, the School is committed to high-level academic education in both Business Administration and Economics. Our Bachelor and Master programs mirror the widely respected academic expertise of the faculty. Students gain from courses taught at the frontier of academic research as well as from dedicated tutoring and learning in small groups with close contact to academic staff. The School of Business and Economics offers three Bachelor of Science programs and nine different Master of Science programs that allow students to specialize in areas with promising career prospects.

The University of Tübingen

The University of Tübingen was founded in 1477. It is one of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious academic institutions. Alma mater of influential thinkers such as Johannes Kepler and Friedrich Hegel, the University of Tübingen has shaped European intellectual history for more than five centuries and it strives to continue doing so in the future.

Living in Tübingen

Located in picturesque surroundings by the Neckar river, the city of Tübingen offers a uniquely stimulating environment, where great historic tradition and a charming old town meet present day innovation and modern campus life. With a student body of 28,500 and a community of 4,000 scholars, the University of Tübingen and its rich academic tradition are felt in every corner of the city. A large number of international students make it a place of vibrant cultural and intellectual exchange.
In addition to providing an ideal environment for learning and teaching, the city and University of Tübingen also offer a wide range of other activities, ranging from concerts and theater performances to courses offered by the University Sports Center.