Student Affairs

School of Business and Economics

Aktuelle Informationen für den Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften zum Prüfungsbetrieb in Zeiten der Corona-Krise finden Sie hier (English Version here). (Stand: 16.3.2020 und Update vom 18.3.2020)

Graduation Ceremony for the School of Business and Economics

The graduation ceremonies for the School of Business and Economics take place on the last Friday in June and November.
If you as a graduate would like to participate, then please make sure your account is closed by 2 weeks before the ceremony at the latest. To avoid delays, however, it is recommended that you close your account at least one month before the ceremony.

Next date for the graduation ceremony:
Friday, 28th June 2019

Registration for the module examinations (PO 2012)

The students enrolled in the Department of Economics must register for all module examinations online on their own using Campus within the time periods listed here. Students from other faculties can register using written forms during this period by placing the form in the box.

Information on the oral examination dates

For organizational reasons, in the online system Campus the actual dates of the oral examinations cannot be listed. To make it easier, the date shown here will always be the date of the written exam.

Please find out the date of your oral examination directly from the responsible professor. The examination dates will usually be different from the date listed in Campus.