School of Business and Economics

RSIT Brown Bag Seminar

Program of the winter term 2023-24

Tuesday 12:00 - 1:00 pm, in room E 07, Mohlstraße 36, Tübingen

Oct 24 René Kalweit, IAW
Stay or Leave? Link between wages and return migration intentions. Evidence from Germany
Nov 07 Miriam Kohl, University of Mainz
Progressive Taxation, Rent Sharing, and International Trade
Nov 14 Antonia Hohmann, University of Münster
What happens when you tax the rich? - Evidence from South Africa
Nov 21 Antonio Schiavone, University of Bologna
From Rates to Ranks: How Tax Systems Alter Perceptions of Income Status
Nov 28 Kristoffer Berg, Oxford Centre for Business Taxation
Taxing Corporate or Shareholder Income: A Sufficient-Statistic Approach
Dec 05 Giacomo Brusco, University of Tübingen and RSIT
Wait No More: How the Administration of VAT Refunds Impacts Investment
Dec 12 Apporva Gupta, Heinrich-Heine-University
Go wide or go deep: Margins of export growth
Dec 19

Matthias Weigand, Harvard University

Conflict, State Formation, and Autocracy: Evidence from the Thirty Years' War

Jan 09 Dirk Schindler, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Could Country-by-Country Reporting Increase Profit Shifting?
Jan 16 Leonardo Giuffrida, ZEW
Bureaucratic Frictions and Innovation Procurement
Jan 23 Michael Stimmelmayr, University of Bath
Optimal Dual-Regime Business Tax Systems
Jan 30 Martina Magli, LMU
Taxing services in the Global Economy
Feb 06 Mateus Almeida Maciel, University of Mainz
Taxation and Digitalization: an Analysis for Brazil


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