School of Business and Economics


Do you have questions about career planning and job opportunities? Do you already know in which area or professional field you would like to work after graduating?

Find events where experts from the field, often alumni, pass on their experiences to you. You can also make contacts that make it easier for you to start your career. On this webside we display coming events to help you with your networking, job orientation and practical experiences.

As most of our events are in German, you may find more on our German website.

For the events that are held in German, as well as for internships and positions, good knowledge of German (level B1-B2) is generally required.

Events held in English will be listed below.

Upcoming Events at the Department of Economics

It's your turn to ask questions - The Academic Advisory Service helps you to answer them

Since the summer semester 2021, you have the opportunity to talk to us about specific topics. We are thinking less in terms of a frontal lecture and more in terms of the opportunity to ask your questions on specific topics after a short input and to get started with the planning of your studies. More information here.

Events of student initiatives at the University of Tübingen

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