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Information and orientation for the start of the semester

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International Accounting and Auditing: Course offer in winter semester 2021/22

Prof. Dr. Renate Hecker (Chair of International Accounting and Auditing) will no longer offer…

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High interest in Bachelor's degree programmes at School of Business and Economics

The number of applicants for the Bachelor's degree programmes remains high. More than 1600…

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Numeracy development in Africa: New evidence from a long-term perspective (1730–1970)

How can we trace how mathematical skills developed on the African continent over the long term? Dr…

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Prof. Dr. Willi Mutschler

New at the Department of Economics since April 2021 is Willi Mutschler, who took up his W1…

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Tenth anniversary of the WiWi Network

WiWi-Netzwerk Tübingen e.V. is the alumni association of the Department of Economics. With an…

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Ten Years After: Annegret Brauß - Greening the global economy

Annegret Brauß, former student of the University of Tuebingen, works for the International Trade…

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The lockdown effect: A counterfactual for Sweden

While most countries imposed a lockdown in response to the first wave of COVID-19 infections, Sweden…

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