Peralk-Carb 2011


This workshop, to be held during 16.-18. June 2011 at the Institut für Geowissenschaften, Universität Tübingen, Southern Germany, will address the generation and evolution of peralkaline rocks and carbonatites from their source to the last stages of their crystallization (fenitization, hydrothermal processes) with an additional emphasis on their economic potential. A special session will be devoted to the alkaline rocks and carbonatites of the Gregory Rift in East Africa. Geologists (economic, structural...), petrologists and geochemists are welcome to contribute with general or with case studies, be they based on experiments or field studies.

The following distinguished speakers have already agreed to present a talk:

Prof. T. Andersen, Oslo, Norway.

Prof. A. Chakhmouradian, Manitoba, Canada.

Dr. A. Demény, Budapest, Hungary.

Prof. S. Foley, Mainz, Germany.

Prof. F. Holtz, Hannover, Germany.

Prof. V. Kamenetsky, Tasmania, Australia.

Prof. J. Keller, Freiburg, Germany.

Prof. R. Macdonald, Lancaster, UK.

Prof. R. Mitchell, Thunder Bay, Canada.

Prof. B. Scaillet, Orléans, France.

Dr. I. Veksler, Potsdam, Germany.

A LITHOS Special issue based on the contributions from this workshop is planned to be published.

Deadline for registration and abstract submission is the 31st of January, 2011.

Workshop program

Thursday, june 16th

18.30: Opening of the registration desk & Icebreaker party at Bar & Restaurant AFRICA, Schlachthausstrasse 9 in Tübingen.

Friday, june 17th

8.15: Poster fixing

8.50: Welcome and address

Peralkaline rocks I: Melt sources and melt generation

9.00-9.30: S. Foley: Mantle migmatites and alkaline rock genesis.

9.30-10.00: V. Kamenetsky: A quest for a kimberlite primary melt: separating facts from myths.

10.00-10.30: A. Chakhmouradian: Postorogenic carbonatites: more abundant than we realize and more important than given credit for.

coffee break

11.00-11.30: R. Martin: Punctuated anorogenic magmatism.

11.30-12.00: S. Robles-Cruz: Comparative compositions of xenocrysts of garnet, clinopyroxene, and ilmenite from diamondiferous and barren kimberlites from northeastern Angola.

Lunch break

Peralkaline rocks II: Magmatic and post-magmatic evolution

13.30-14.00: T. Andersen: Alkalis, water, halogens and the HFSE mineralogy of peralkaline rocks.

14.00-14.30: M. Marks: Critical factors for the transition from miaskitic to agpaitic rocks: The role of fO2, µNa2O, µK2O and µCaO.

14.30-15.00: A. Demény: Amphiboles as indicators of magma origin and fluid evolution.

15.00-15.30: R. Macdonald: Evolution of peralkaline silicic complexes: lessons from the extrusive rocks.

coffee break

16.00-16.30: B. Scaillet: Experimental constraints on the storage conditions of peralkaline felsic magmas with implications on magmatic fluid compositions and the transport of metallic elements.

16.30-17.00: F. Holtz: Transport of High-Field Strength Elements and noble metals in silicate melts.

17.00-17.30: F. Lucci: Evolution of an intraplate alkaline volcanic complex: the Mt. Melbourne (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica).

17.30-18.00: J. Potter: Unravelling the stable isotopic evidence for the origin of hydrocarbons in peralkaline complexes: New data from the Lovozero and Strange Lake peralkaline plutons.

18.00-18.30: G. Estrade: HFSE enrichment in a peralkaline granite-related zircon-rich skarn in the Cenozoic Ampasindava alkaline complex, Madagascar.

18.30 – 20.00 POSTER SESSION

Saturday, june 18th

Carbonatites I: The Gregory Rift

9.00-9.30: B. Dawson: Nephelinite-melilitite-carbonatite volcanism in northern Tanzania.

9.30-10.00: J. Keller: Natrocarbonatite petrogenesis: Compositional variation and relationships to peralkaline silicate magmas.

10.00-10.30: R. Mitchell: Nephelinite-natrocarbonatie immiscibility and extremely peralkaline residual glasses in combeite nephelinite at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania.

coffee break

11.00-11.30: T. Guzmics: Melt inclusions in coexisting perovskite, K-feldspar and clinopyroxene in pyroxene melilitolite from Kerimasi Volcano, Tanzania.

11.30-12.00: A. Zaitsev: Natrocarbonatites at Sadiman and Tinderent volcanoes, East African Rift - myth or reality?

12.00-12.30: J. White: Open system evolution of peralkaline trachyte and phonolite lavas and tuffs erupted from the Suswa volcano, Kenya Rift.

Lunch break

Carbonatites II: Elsewhere

14.00-14.30: I. Veksler: Natrocarbonatite-nephelinite liquid immiscibility and element partitioning in comparison with other types of salt-silicate unmixing.

14.30-15.00: L. Valentini: Modelling carbonatite-silicate magma interaction.

15.00-15.30: E. Reguir: Amphibole in carbonatites: an equivocal petrogenetic indicator.

15.30-16.00: M. Campeny: Mineralogical features of the Catanda extrusive carbonatite, Cuanza Sul, Angola.

coffee break

16.30-17.00: A. Costanzo: Using LA-ICP-MS to assess evolution of trace element compositions in magmatic pyrochlore from carbonatites of the Bonga Complex, Angola.

17.00-17.30: V. Lorenz: Physical volcanology of intrusive and explosive carbonatite volcanism at the Gross Brukkaros carbonatite volcanic field, Namibia.

17.30-18.00: A. Cooper: Fenitization associated with calcite-dolomite-hematite carbonatites and the generation of LREE-depleted characteristics, Haast River, New Zealand.

18.00-18.30: T. Chudy: Structures in metamorphic carbonatites: An example from the Upper Fir carbonatite, east-central British Columbia, Canada.

after 18.30

Farewell Barbecue

END of workshop

Poster presentations

panel 1: Alex M. Asavin & Senin V.G.: West Africa (Guinea) flow basalt high-Fe magmatism. Is it young Karoo province peripheries?

panel 2: Anikó Batki & Elemér Pál-Molnár: Camptonites from the Ditrău Alkaline Massif, Romania.

panel 3: Daniel M. Boz; Jan Schulzki & Shrinivas G. Viladkar: Selected accessory minerals and their alteration types in the carbonatite breccias of the Amba Dongar diatrem.

panel 4: Sergey N. Britvin & Anatoly N. Zaitsev: Layered Sodium Manganese Phosphate from Carbonatite Lavas of Oldoinyo Lengai, Gregory rift, Tanzania.

panel 5: Laura Carmody, Adrian P Jones, Christopher Kilburn, Andrew Steele & Dina Bower: A first Raman Study of fluid inclusions within xenoliths from Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania.

panel 6: Insa Derrey, Kai Hettmann, Florian Thaler, Thomas Wenzel, Michael Marks & Gregor Markl: Sulfur content and speciation in sodalite and its possible use as redox proxy.

panel 7: Anna G. Doroshkevich, German S. Ripp & Valery M. Savatenkov: Alkaline magmatism of Vitim province, West Transbaikalia, Russia: age, mineralogical, geochemical and isotope (О, C, D, Sr, Nd) data.

panel 8: German S. Ripp & Anna G. Doroshkevich: A way of carbonatite formation from alkaline gabbros, Oshurkovo massif (Transbaikalia, Russia).

panel 9: Christopher Giehl, Philipp Bellucci, Huy-Tung Nguyen, Michael Marks & Marcus Nowak: Experimental investigation of the differentiation of iron-rich peralkaline magma.

panel 10: Mahdi Ghobadi, A. Gerdes, G. P. Brey, H. E. Höfer & Jörg Keller: In-situ trace element and U-Pb, Sr and Nd isotope analysis of accessory phases in Kaiserstuhl Carbonatites.

panel 11: Ralf Halama, Ivan P. Savov & Khachatur Meliksetian: The Tezhsar alkaline complex (Armenia).

panel 12: Kai Hettmann, Michael Marks, Katharina Kressing, Thomas Zack, Thomas Wenzel & Mark Rehkämper, Dorrit Jacob & Gregor Markl: The geochemistry of Thallium and its isotopes in a peralkaline magmatic system.

panel 13: Jurgis Klaudius, Gregory Symons, Don Burton & Klaus Brauch: The application of airborne, ground and borehole geophysics to the exploration of the Lofdal carbonatite complex.

panel 14: Matthias Lindhuber, Michael Marks, Thomas Wenzel and Gregor Markl: Igneous Layering in Peralkaline Rocks of the Ilímaussaq Intrusion, Greenland.

panel 15: Federico Lucci, Domenico Cozzupoli, Barbara Zaccaria; John White & Gianbosco Traversa: Mt. Isadalu Complex (Sardinia, Italy): an example of post-hercynian transition from High-K calcalkaline to Shoshonitic/Low-K alkaline magmatism.

panel 16: Aurora C.J.M. Bambi, Alessandra Costanzo, Joan C. Melgarejo, Antonio O. Gonçalves & Andrés B. Neto: Evolution of pyrochlore in plutonic carbonatites: the Tchivira Complex case, Angola.

panel 17: Saleh Lehbib, Antonio Arribas, Joan C. Melgarejo & Robert F. Martin: Rare-element minerals of the alkaline suites of the Western Sahara.

panel 18: Leo Millonig & Lee Groat: Carbonatites and alkaline rocks in the southern Canadian Cordillera.

panel 19: Roger H. Mitchell & Aniket Chakrabarty: Peralkaline nepheline gneiss from Purulia, West Bengal, India: Paragenesis of a new eudialyte group mineral.

panel 20: Natalya S.Muravyeva, Boris V. Belyatsky & Valery G. Senin: 87Sr/86Sr - 143Nd/144Nd systematic and “clinopyroxenes-host rock” disequilibrium in high-potassium magmas of the East-African Rift - insight to mantle source heterogeneity.

panel 21: Dejan Prelević, Cüneyt Akal, Stephen F. Foley, Rolf R. Romer, Andreas Stracke & Paul van den Bogaard: Ultrapotassic mafic rocks as geochemical proxies for post-collisional dynamics of orogenic lithospheric mantle: the case of southwestern Anatolia, Turkey.

panel 22: Irene T. Rass: Geochemical features of carbonatites – derivatives of primary alkaline-ultrabasic magmas with different Ca-K-Na ratio.

panel 23: Rohit H. Nandedkar, Hannes B. Mattsson & Peter Ulmer: Petrology of the Lake Natron-Engaruka monogenetic volcanic field, Gregory Rift (northern Tanzania).

panel 24: Elena N. Perova and Anatoly N. Zaitsev: Thermodynamic analysis of the stability of secondary minerals in altered carbonatites from Oldoinyo Lengai, northern Tanzania.

panel 25: Sergey V. Petrov, Anton V. Antonov, Tamara A. Golovina & Anatoly N. Zaitsev: Mineralogy of heavy minerals concentrates from the unconsolidated deposits of Eledoi and Pello Hill volcanic cones (Gelai volcano, Northern Tanzania): first preliminary data.

panel 26: Ekaterina A. Polyakova, Anton R. Chakhmouradian, Oleg I. Siidra, Sergey N. Britvin, Sergey V. Petrov, John Spratt, С. Terry Williams, Chris J. Stanley & Anatoly N. Zaitsev: Fluorine-, yttrium- and lanthanide-rich cerianite from carbonatitic rocks of the Kerimasi volcano and surrounding explosion craters, Gregory rift, northern Tanzania.

panel 27: Barbara Ratschbacher, Katharina Pfaff, Michael Marks and Gregor Markl: Geochemical trends within the lujavrites of the Ilimaussaq intrusion, SW Greenland.

panel 28: Patrik Schmidt, Darren Smith Gregor Markl: The Eldor Carbonatite Complex, Canada, Quebec.

panel 29: Fabian Setzer, Linda Worgard, Thomas Wenzel and Gregor Markl: Element mobilization in the Agate mountain carbonatite complex, NW Namibia.

panel 30: Oleg I. Siidra, John Spratt, Attila Demény, Zoltán Homonnay, Gregor Markl & Anatoly N. Zaitsev: Сation distribution in the crystal structure of a new amphibole group mineral from the Deeti volcanic cone, northern Tanzania.

panel 31: Vicky Do Cabo, Maria A. Sitnikova, Rainer Ellmies, Frances Wall, Friedhelm Henjes-Kunst & Axel Gerdes: Geological and geochemical characteristics of carbonatites of Lofdal, Namibia.

panel 32: Kreshimir N. Malitch, Natalia V. Sorokhtina, Natalia N. Kononkova, Mikhail M. Goncharov & Valery Senin: Carbonatite of the Guli massif as a possible source of gold: evidence from zirconolite inclusions in Au-rich nuggets.

panel 33: Natalia V. Sorokhtina, Alex M. Asavin & Natalia N. Kononkova: Composition of K-bearing sulfide associations in carbonatites of the Guli massif of the Polar Siberia.

panel 34: Marion Tichomirowa, EIMF, Edinburg microprobe facility & Martin Whitehouse: Formation and transformation of zircon grains from the Archean carbonatite Siilinjärvi (Finland) – evidence from cathodoluminescence, rare earth elements and U/Pb data.

panel 35: Anatoly N. Zaitsev, Victor V. Sharygin, V.S.Sobolev, Vadim S. Kamenetsky & Maya B. Kamenetsky: Silicate-carbonate liquid immiscibility in 1917 eruption nephelinite lavas, Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania: melt inclusion study.

panel 36: Victor A. Zaitsev: Experiments on titanosilicates (lamprophyllite group minerals and lomonosovite) melting: phase relations and petrological significance for Lovozero massif.

panel 37: Andrey A. Zolotarev, Sergey V. Krivovichev, Victor N. Yakovenchuk, Elena S. Zhitova, Yakov A. Pakhomovsky & Gregory Yu. Ivanyuk: Crystal chemistry of natural layered double hydroxides from the Kovdor alkaline massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia. Polytypes of quintinite: сation ordering and superstructures.