The Peshdar Plain Project


The Competence Center Archaeometry Baden-Wuerttemberg (CCA-BW) has recently started a cooperation with the The Peshdar Plain Project of the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Munich. The area investigated by this project is situated in the province of Sulaymaniyah, district of Qaladze, in the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq, directly at the border with Iran.

The Peshdar Plain Project lead by Professor Karen Radner was inaugurated in 2015 and aims to uncover the ancient history of this understudied area with a focus on the 9th-7th centuries BC when the Neo-Assyrian Empire controlled the region.

In this frame the Competence Center Archaeometry Baden-Wuerttemberg (CCA-BW) is carrying out researches focused on the archaeometric analysis of different materials (e.g. pottery, metal, stone artifacts) coming from the archaeological sites excavated in this project.


Publications regarding this project:

Radner, Karen; Kreppner, Florian Janoscha und Squitieri, Andrea (Hrsg.) (August 2017): Unearthing the Dinka Settlement Complex: The 2016 Season at Gird-i Bazar and Qalat-i Dinka. Peshdar Plain Project Publications, Bd. 2. Gladbeck: PeWe-Verlag.



Homepage of the Peshdar Plain Project at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Professor Karen Radner