Dr. Prachi Joshi

Junior Group Leader


Universität Tübingen
Angewandte Geowissenschaften
Schnarrenbergstrasse 94-96
72076 Tübingen

Email: prachi.joshi@uni-tuebingen.de

Research Interests

My research focuses on electron transfer (redox) processes that affect contemporary environmental problems such as climate change and environmental pollution. The redox biogeochemistry of carbon (C) and iron (Fe)  are of special interest to me as these two elemental cycles control the release of greenhouse gases and the fate of organic and inorganic contaminants. I leverage my background in organic matter and iron minerals along with molecular, bench scale, and field techniques to probe processes at the mechanistic level and connect them to large scale phenomena of global relevance.

Current Projects

  • Greenhouse gas release from coastal wetlands under changing climate conditions (Field site: Wadden Sea, Germany)
  • Coupled iron-carbon cycling in permafrost peatlands (Field site: Abisko, Sweden)
  • Size-dependent interactions between iron minerals and trace metals
  • Fundamental processes at the iron-organic matter interface

Academic History

Junior Research Group Leader in Geomicrobiology
ETH Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Environmental Chemistry,

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering,

Pennsylvania State University, USA

M.S. in Environmental Engineering,

Pennsylvania State University, USA

B. Tech in Chemical Engineering,

University of Pune, India