Fachbereich Physik

Center for Quantum Science


Quantum Many-Body Theory

Prof. Dr. Sabine Andergassen

The research activities of our group focus on the development cutting-edge quantum many-body techniques for the theoretical description of correlated fermions and their physical properties.

Theoretical Quantum Optics

Prof. Dr. Daniel Braun

Our group focuses on theoretical research in the areas of quantum optics, quantum metrology, and quantum information science.

Quantum Optics & Ultracold Atoms

Prof. Dr. József Fortágh

Atoms, photons, quantum gases and superconducting circuits make up the quantum toolbox of our research group. We take the grand challange to develop coherent quantum interfaces between these components and to establish hybrid quantum systems for applications in quantum information processing and quantum sensing.

Experimental Quantum Many-Body Physics

Prof. Dr. Christian Groß

We study fundamental questions in quantum many-body physics using perfectly controlled ensembles of Rydberg atoms in microtraps and ultracold fermions in optical lattices. This approach realizes atomic quantum simulators for complex many-body problems.

Superconducting and Magnetic Layered Structures

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kleiner, Prof. Dr. Dieter Kölle, Prof. Dr. Edward Goldobin

Our group does research in solid state physics with focus on electric transport properties of superconducting and magnetic layered structures, including Josephson junctions and nanoscale quantum interference devices. In collaboration with the group of Jozsef Fortagh we work on hybrid quantum systems combining cold atoms and superconductors.

Theoretical Atomic Physics and Synthetic Quantum Systems

Prof. Dr. Igor Lesanovsky

We investigate collective phenomena in the dynamics and
statics of open quantum systems, as well as the use of artificial
quantum matter for quantum simulation and computing.

Numerical Analysis

Prof. Dr. Christian Lubich

Theoretical Solid State Physics

Prof. Dr. Nils Schopohl

Many-body cavity QED

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Slama

We experimentally study the collective interaction of ultracold atomic
ensembles with tailored light fields at surfaces and in optical cavities for
realizing strong light-matter interactions.

Mathematical Physics

Prof. Dr. Stefan Teufel

We investigate different types of scaling limits in few- and many-body
quantum physics from a rigorous perspective using techniques from
functional analysis, semi-classical analysis, and differential geometry.

Quantum Optics

Prof. Dr. Claus Zimmermann

We explore strongly correlated mixtures of rubidium and lithium atoms. By means of photoassociative ionization density correlation properties are observed in-situ with fast temporal resolution and single atom sensitivity. In a second project we explore ultra cold atoms interacting with the light of a high finesse ring resonator. Cavity mediated long range interaction between the atoms are used to tailor nonlinear many-body quantum systems.