Fachbereich Physik

Double Master Program Trento-Tübingen

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Abschluss Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Regelstudienzeit 2 Semester
Einstieg Winter- und Sommersemester
Aufnahmebeschränkt nein
Voraussetzungen Bachelorabschluss in Physik oder in einem nah verwandten Fach mit einer Abschlussnote von 3,3 oder besser.
Unterrichtssprachen Englisch
Nebenfach nein
Bewerbung siehe unten
Gebühren und Stipendien



Short description of the study program

The Double Master Program provides a framework for international cooperation between both universities. Inspired by the idea of mutual recognition of studies abroad characteristic of the SOCRATES (ERASMUS) program of the European Community, the proposed curriculum involves a first period spent at the home institution followed by a stay abroad in order to extend the acquired competences in a specific scientific field. For the thesis, a research project involving supervisors from both institutions is envisaged.

Application requirements

For the application the following documents are to be provided (in both printed and electronic form):
Motivation letter
Transcript of academic record
Enrollment in the Master of Physics at the University of Tübingen (to be handed in also later)
Learning agreement
English language skills (at least level B2 of the Common European Framework)

Maximal 5 students for each university are admitted per year. The deadline for the application is March 31st for the winter term and  September 30st for the summer term.

Learning agreement

The study plan (learning agreement) needs to be defined and approved by the Bilateral Commitee. In particular, four courses at the University of Trento are to be chosen among those listed under “Insegnamenti a scelta vincolata” in
All courses at the University of Trento are taught in English.