Fachbereich Physik

Center for Quantum Science

Talks during Summer Term 2024

The talks will be held on Tuesdays at 13:00 s.t. in room D4A19.
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Date Speaker Title of the Talk
23.04.2024 Eduardo Serrano Ensástiga (U Liège) Maximally entangled and absolutely separable states under unitary transformations: The symmetric case with applications in bosonic systems.
30.04.2024 Albert Roura, German Aerospace Center Ulm

Probing gravity with quantum sensors

18.06.2024 Parvinder Solanki (Basel) Synchronization and seeding effects in continuous time crystals
25.06.2024 Sebastian Paeckel (LMU München) Phonon state tomography: How to diagnose electron correlations in optically induced electron-phonon dynamics
16.07.2024 Paolo Sessi (MPI Halle) Interfacing magnetism and superconductivity: visualizing interactions from 0D to 2D
23.07.2024 Navdeep Arya (U Stockholm) Selective Amplification of a Gravitational Wave Signal Using an Atomic Array