Department of Physics

Center for Quantum Science

Talks during Summer Term 2022


Date Speaker Title of the Talk
30.09.2022 Geza Toth TBA
18.07.2022 Alan C. Santos

Control of quantum information and spin/heat current with superconducting artificial atoms

15.07.2022 Prof. Benedetta Casu (Uni Tübingen) A “radical” view on spins
14.07.2022 Lorenzo Del Re (MPI-FKF Stuttgart)

Vertex based fluctuation analysis of many-body systems in symmetric and broken symmetry phases

01.07.2022 Olivier Giraud (Université Paris-Saclay) Probing symmetries of quantum many-body systems through ratio statistics
24.06.2022 Sander Smink (MPI Stuttgart) No limits? Pushing the envelope for film growth by Thermal Laser Epitaxy
22.06.2022 Alexander Stibor (UC Berkeley) Near-monochromatic tuneable cryogenic 
niobium electron field emitter
03.06.2022 Robert Bamler (Uni Tübingen) The probabilistic generative approach to machine learning and why physicists should care about it
20.05.2022 Martin Gärttner (Uni Heidelberg) Many-body dynamics of disordered Rydberg spin systems

Sarah Hirthe (MPQ Garching)

Observation of hole pairing in mixed-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard ladders


Prof. Moritz Helias

(FZJ & RWTH Aachen)

Gell-Mann-Low critcality in neural neworks
Simon Hollerith (MPQ Garching) A microscopically and vibrationally resolved study of Rydberg macrodimers

Dr. Björn Sbierski

(LMU München)

Spins, pseudo-Majoranas and the functonal RG

Time and place of the talks will be announced individually.