Mathematics and Physics Library

Technical Equipment


6 pool computers (with Office/OpenOffice software) and 2 research computers

The Library has blanket Wi-Fi coverage via access points inside the Library and the foyer

You can print from the Library copy machine, which also functions as a network printer


Copy Machines:

There is a copy machine in the Physics section. It is maintained by the MORGENSTERN company in Reutlingen. It prints in A4 format and in black and white only.

It also has a scanning function.

Payment is via smartcard (your student or staff ID card). There is a coin-operated copy machine in the Chemistry Library in the Lecture Center (Hörsaalzentrum).

Book Scanner:

The book scanner recognizes color and shades of gray and can scan up to A2 size pages. You can use it to scan to various file formats (pdf, tif, jpg) and store them on a USB stick.

If you need help with printing, scanning or copying, ask us at the Library or contact the Morgenstern service office at the main University Library (Ammerbau, room 326), Mon - Fri, 11am-2pm.

For more information or to download printer drivers and installation guides, go to Morgenstern's online service: Printserver QPilot.

Price List:

A4 b/w

4.5 cents

A4 color

10 cents

A3 b/w 9 cents
A3 color 20 cents

scan (color)

0.2 cents

Guest cards may be obtained at the coin-operated card machine in the Morgenstelle Lecture Center (opposite the Chemistry Library, near the copy machines) and at the InfoPoint des Studentenwerks (Mensa Morgenstelle) at a cost of €10 (€5 euro for copying and €5 deposit). Cards which are no longer needed may be returned at the InfoPoints, where the deposit and any other credit on the card will be paid out.

Further information on the Guest card (also usable in the Mensa cafeterias) is available on the Studentenwerk website.

Cash-to-Card Machines:
Money can be deposited onto smartcards at the cash-to-card machine at the Chemistry Library "Auf der Morgenstelle" (Hörsaalzentrum). The machine takes banknotes only.

You can deposit money onto your smartcard from your bank account in all the major Studentenwerk buildings (such as the cafeterias).

Copies and reproductions are for personal academic purposes only. You must observe copyright restrictions at all times!


There are 20 lockers in the Library foyer:
18 of them may be rented for a semester.
Apply at the Library Information Desk.
2 daily lockers
must be emptied before the building is closed at the end of the day.