Faculty of Science

Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Science

New regulation since 01 August 2020:

Please note that at least one of the two reviewers is not co-author of a joint publication containing results of my dissertation.

Doctoral Subjects

At the Faculty of Science, you can pursue a doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.) in the following fields:

  • Archaeological Sciences and Human Evolution

  • Biochemistry

  • Bioinformatics

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Cognitive Science

  • Computer Science

  • Didactics

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Geography

  • Geoecology

  • Geosciences

  • Mathematics

  • Medical Informatics

  • Pharmaceutics

  • Physics

  • Prehistory and Early History

  • Psychology

Office Hours

Dr. Sarah Müller
Monday - Thurday, 10.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.

(Auf der Morgenstelle 8, B-Building, 10th floor, room 10A38) and by appointment (29-75955).

Gudrun Dortschy
Monday - Thursday, 10.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.

(Auf der Morgenstelle 8, B-Building, 10th floor, room 10R38) and by appointment (29- 76853).

  Feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions. However, we recommend reading the information sheet first, as it usually resolves most of the questions.

Areas of Responsibilities

Dr. Sarah Müller

  • Applications for acceptance as a doctoral student

  • Ongoing doctoral procedures

  • Verification and confirmation of doctoral degrees

  • Information about doctoral guidelines of the Faculty of Science

  • Cotutelle agreements

  • Doctoral Government Scholarship

Gudrun Dortschy

  • Acceptance of doctoral dissertations

  • Doctoral procedures (Biology and Geosciences)

Annette Goller

  • PhD Certificates

Downloads and Information


Forms and Policies

Application for Acceptance

Please be aware that incomplete applications cannot be processed. We need all required certificates and documents, the filled out supervision agreement, and the signatures of the docotral candidate and both supervisors.

 Admission to the Doctoral Examination Procedure

Please be aware that incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Oral Exam

Publishing Procedure

Checking plagiarism

The ZDV offers the possiblity of conduction a similarity analysis for free by the software "Turnitiin". We recommend to make use of this offer before submitting the thesis. More information can be found under Link.


Current information and changes because of Corona crises

There are no official opening hours of the PhD office right now.  You can contact us by mail or phone and fix a personal appointment if needed.

You can hand in your applications by post or you can put them into the mail box of the Dean's Office (Auf der Morgenstelle 8, building B, 10th floor). We will check them and contact you in case of open questions and missing documents. Please note:

  • Check if your documents are complete
    Plese send us normal copies of your (Master) certificates and transcripts if certified copies are not possible at the moment. Furthermore, we accept scanned and digital signatures of supervisors and reviewers.
  • Application for Admission: Send us just one copy of your thesis. The other two copies can be sent to the reviewers as soon as you have received the letter of admission from the PhD office.


Until further notice, on-site oral examinations can only be conducted with the mandatory exam committee and the respective Ph.D. student (4 examiners and 1 examinee).

Regular oral examinations are permitted while respecting the following stringent requirements:

  • please book a room that is large enough for all persons present
  • maintaining the minimum distance between all participants (minimum 1.5 m)
  • ensure adequate ventilation of the room
  • all participants must be recorded by name and have to ensure that they do/did not have any disease symptoms and that they did not have contact to a SARS-Cov-2 infected person within the last two weeks; please use this formular for that purpose; this document must be kept for 4 weeks (chair of examination board)
  • maintaining all rules of conduct and hygiene rules (given by the university)
  • celebrations after the exam are forbidden (at the premises of the university)
  • it is possible that single examiners participate by video chat (see formular below)
  • the chair of the examination board is responsible for the compliance of all rules mentioned above

In special individual cases the Faculty of Science still offers the possibility of conducting online exams completely by video chat. This special format is limited in time. It is valid for the period of official restrictions and limitations due to Corona crises. It should only be chosen in special individual cases with plausible reasons or clear disadvantages for the PhD candidates.

On this information sheet you can find all rules and requirements for online examinations by video chat.

Registrations for online exams can be submitted in the PhD office as normal. Please take the process time of 10 days into account.

Please be aware that the situation (concerning conducting oral exams) can change at short notice. Therefore, please check the information on our webpage regularly. Compliance of all (epidemic) requirements and restrictions of government, city and university must be ensured at any time.