Department of Biology


Didactics of Biology

  Didactics of Biology Prof. Dr. C. Randler

Ethics, Theory, and History of the Life Sciences

  Ethics, Theory, and History of the Life Sciences Prof. Dr. T. Potthast
  associated: International Centre of Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities  

Institute of Evolution and Ecology

  Animal Evolutionary Ecology Prof. Dr. N. Michiels
  Animal Physiological Ecology Prof. Dr. H.-R. Köhler
  Comparative Zoology Prof. Dr. K. Foerster
  Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates Prof. Dr. O. Betz
  Plant Evolutionary Ecology Prof. Dr. O. Bossdorf
  Plant Ecology Prof. Dr. K. Tielbörger
  associated: EvE - Evolution and Ecology Forum Tübingen

Institute for Neurobiology

  Animal Physiology Prof. Dr. A. Nieder
  Cognitive Neuroscience Prof. Dr. H. A. Mallot
  Neuroethology Prof. Dr. J. Benda
  Systems Neurobiology Jun.-Prof. Dr. A. Arrenberg
  associated: Werner-Reichardt-Centre for Integrative Neurosciences (CIN)

Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine

  Clinical Infectious Diseases and Immunology (Faculty of Medicine) Prof. Dr. D. Hartl
  Infection Biology Prof. Dr. A. Peschel
  Medical Microbiology and Hygiene (Faculty of Medicine) Prof. Dr. I. Autenrieth
  Microbiology/Biotechnology Prof. Dr. W. Wohlleben
  Microbial Bioactive Compounds Prof. Dr. H. Brötz-Oesterhelt

Microbiology/Microbial Genetics

Prof. Dr. F. Götz
  Microbiology/Organismic Interactions Prof. Dr. K. Forchhammer

Interfaculty Institute of Cell Biology

  Animal Genetics Prof. Dr. R. Reuter
  Immunology (Faculty of Medicine) Prof. Dr. H.-G. Rammensee
  Molecular Biology Prof. Dr. A. Nordheim
  Molecular Cell Biology Jun.-Prof. Dr. J. Ewald
  Quantitative Proteomics Prof. Dr. B. Maček
Centre for Plant Molecular Biology
  Biochemistry of plant systems (Dept. Pharmacy/Biochemistry) Prof. Dr. G. Felix
  Cellular Nanoscience Prof. Dr. E. Schäffer
  Developmental Genetics Prof. Dr. G. Jürgens
  Developmental Genetics and Cell Biology Prof. Dr. M. Timmermans
  General Genetics Prof. Dr. T. Lahaye
  Molecular Biology of Plants Prof. Dr. C. Oecking
  Mikrobial Interactions (IMIT + ZMBP) Prof. Dr. E. Kemen
  Plant Biochemistry (Dept. Pharmacy/Biochemistry) Prof. Dr. T. Nürnberger
  Plant Physiology Prof. Dr. K. Harter