Department of Biology

Departmental Students’ Representative Council

A lot of students think that the Students’ Representative Council is a closed society, operating parallel to or above the students themselves. The German word “Fachschaft” actually means the community of all the students in a department, which in practice means that nobody is elected and all students can choose to act within the framework of this community.

The central function of the Students’ Council is to represent the interests of the students in the government of the university. The greater part of its work is concerned with university or institute politics. Students’ representatives have seats on a number of different boards, such as the Academic Council, the Faculty Board, the Senate etc. These bodies are responsible for day-to-day subjects, such as the purchase of new books, but are also concerned with new concepts for the university and new curricula. Those who aim higher can become members of the umbrella organization of the departmental students’ councils, the Student Representative Union, and dedicate themselves to issues on a general university and regional level.

The main function of the Departmental Students’ Representative Council is to be there for you. During our opening times (see homepage), we are ready to answer any questions you might have. We collect and lend out examination protocols and written examination texts, organize festivals, produce information brochures and a statement of accounts, organize the Tutorial for First-Semester Students and provide information about environmental protection groups etc. The point of contact for all these activities is the council meeting in our council room. You are all very welcome to call in. Should you not have time to work with us on a regular basis, we would also be glad of your help in organizing individual activities.

The latest information about us, and others, is to be found on the our notice-board beside the council room (P32, 3rd floor, Building E), on the notice-board next to the toilets in Building E (3rd floor) and on our continually revised homepage.