Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

Evolution and Ecology: MSc Program

Why is biodiversity important? How do I assess it? How do organisms cope with challenges at ecological and evolutionary scales? How does this manifest in animal design and biomimetic applications? How do populations evolve?

Our international Master program in Evolution and Ecology professionalizes your understanding of the origin, function and study of organismal and ecosystem complexity. You will be embedded in ongoing research projects and collaborate directly with our scientists, boosting your chances to successfully enter an international PhD program in Evolution and Ecology in Tübingen or elsewhere.

You can choose from a range of modules that can be combined into individual curricula, or take a tailored package of modules in Human impact on animal and plant populations, Plants in changing environments, or Adaptive trait evolution and Bionics. We encourage you to integrate a semester abroad at one of Tübingen’s partner Universities or a University of your choice. Ask the MSc coordinator about accreditation options.

The Program in Brief

The two-year program requires the acquisition of 120 credit points (CP). Out of 90 CP earned through courses, 36 CP are earned in 6 compulsory modules. An additional 24 CP are chosen from the list of specialist courses exclusively offered in the EvE MSc programme. The remaining 30 CP can be chosen freely from among our own MSc modules, but also any other offer within the University of Tübingen or other national or international Universities. The master thesis yields the final 30 CP.

All compulsory modules and most specialist courses are taught in English, some specialist courses in German.


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