Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

Job offers

We provide an inspiring research and teaching environment for students, researchers and lecturers alike. If you are interested in becoming part of our exciting team, please contact us (Tielbörger;  Majekova; Allhoff) anytime regarding current research and funding opportunities.

Current job offer - PostDoc Ecology

We have a vacancy of PostDoc Ecology to be filled in early 2020, full details are availabel via this pdf file.

HiWis always needed

There are always opportunities for students to gain experience with us as HiWis. These are often very flexible temporary contracts to fit around your studies. Therefore, if you are interested in gaining a valuable insight into a research environment, and earning a little extra money, do not hesitate to contact us:


Main contact for HiWis/Kontakt für wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte allgemein:

Lorenz Henneberg