Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

Nico K. Michiels
  +49 7071 29 74649
room E05 P21


Nils Anthes
Tenured Lecturer
  +49 7071 29 74617
room E5P19

Rachel L. Gunn
Academic Research Associate
  +49 7071 29 74841
room E5P34

Further group members

Contag, Petra (Technician)
E5P28 -75342 email

Anger, Fabian (PhD Student)

John, Leonie (PhD Student)
E5P37    -74841 email

van der Schoot, Bram (PhD student)

E5P37 -74841 email

Schnee, Liesa (PostDoc)
E5P16 -74129 email

Schädel, Mario (Technician)
E5P31  -74653  email

Schlindwein, Xenia (Research Associate)
E5P16 -74129 email


Staggenborg, Julia (PhD student)
E5A32  -74647  email

Current student projects

Fesenmayr, Gabriel (MSc Geoecology) email

Harfensteller, Jette (BSc Biology) email

Kastner, Julia (MSc Evolution and Ecology) email

Kolling, Celine (BSc Biology) email

Kraft, Richard (BSc Biology) email

Mikula, Magdalena (MSc Evolution and Ecology) email

Schwarz, Nick (BSc Biology) email

Weinert, Luisa (BSc Geoecology) email

Weygoldt, Patrick (MSc Evolution and Ecology) email

Winter, Clara (BSc Biology) email

Winter, Selina (BSc Biology)

Former Members


Final stage in Tübingen

Now at ...

Dr. Matteo Santon PostDoc Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Bristol, email
Dr. Jennifer Hodge PostDoc Postdoctoral Fellow at Clemson University email
Dr. Pierre-Paul Bitton PostDoc Assistant Professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, email
Dr. Ulrike Harant PostDoc email
Dr. Katja Heubel PostDoc Research Associate at University of Kiel, email
Martin Vallon PhD (finished 2017) email
Ines Häderer PhD (finished 2016) email
Isabel Mück PhD (finished 2016) email
Dr. Melissa Meadows PostDoc Assistant Professor at Saint Francis University, USA email
Dr. Karen de Jong PostDoc PostDoc at University of Cologne, email
Chris Rader Technician  
Dr. Connor Champ PostDoc email
Christoph Hösler PhD (finished 2015)  
Amalia Mailli Research Assistant  
Dr. Ralph Dobler PostDoc PostDoc at University Dresden, email
Klaus Reinhardt, Prof. Dr. Professor (finished 2014) Professor at TU Dresden email
Tobias Gerlach PhD (finished 2014) email
Suska Weller EvE Coordinator  
Christopher Schwarzer Research Assistant  
Beatiz Sánchez Navarro PhD (finished 2013)  
Matthias Wucherer PhD (finished 2013)  
Dennis Sprenger PhD (finished 2009), PostDoc,
DFG Project "Animal personnality and paternal care"
Rolanda Lange PhD (finished 2013)

PostDoc at Monash University, email

Jennifer Theobald Research Assistant email
Kobayashi Kazuya PostDoc Hirosaki University
Nadine Timmermeyer PhD (finished 2012) PostDoc at Univ. of Oregon
Leila El Masri PhD (finished 2012) PostDoc at Univ. of Vienna
Thomas D'Souza Research Assistant, Coordinator VW Grant "Curriculum Evolutionsbiologie" (2005-2011) Uni Karlsruhe
Hinrich Schulenburg Tenured Lecturer (1999-2008) Professor in Kiel
Claudia Böhnisch PhD (finished 2008) PostDoc Birmingham
Rebecca Schulte PhD (finished 2008) PostDoc in Osnabrück
Velavan TP PhD (finished 2009) Group Leader at Institute of Tropical Medicine Tübingen
Anja Smykowski Diploma Student (finished 2006) Associate Editor at Springer
Dasa Schleicherova PhD PostDoc ITZ Hannover
Janine Wong Diploma Student (finished 2009) PhD in Basel