Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

Seminar in Plant Ecology

A joint seminar of the Plant Ecology and Plant Evolutionary Ecology groups. The seminar takes place in the "Besprechungsraum" (room 36, ground floor) of "Auf der Morgenstelle 3" on Fridays starting at 13:30 until 14:30.

If you want to sign up or make a change to the programme, please contact Sara Tomiolo.

Winter semester 2020/2021



16 October

Wei Yan - Pervasive low-allele dominance associates with biomass heterosis in Arabidopsis thaliana

23 October Verena Schluecker - What happend to the mysterious wet meadows? (2nd talk)
30 October

Smilla Stroetmann - Rapid evolution in germination rate and drought mortality (Bsc, 1st talk)
Katja Tielbörger -The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.
Rehearsal for keynote talk EMBL conference (Our house is burning)

06 November

Heiko Hinneberg - Building a conservation concept for forest butterflies - prerequisites and first results (1st talk)

Stefanie GotterbarmHeterospecific plant soil feedback strenght in relation to phylogenetic distance
in grassland communities (Bsc, 2nd talk)                                      

20 November

Lina Reid - Did invasive Knotweeds adapt to the abiotic environment in the new range? (1st talk)

27 November Lara Saul - Resistance and resilience of grasslands to extreme drought - the role of clonality (2nd talk)
04 December Vistorina Amputu - Assessment of rangeland condition in a dryland systemusing UAV-based multispectral imagery
11 December Annika May - Phenotypic plasticity to neutral and green shade in the heavy metal hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri
18 December cancelled - no seminar
08 January

Anne Krehl - How is the ability of soil to retain water under drought conditions affected by different concentrations of microplastic?

15 January


22 January Rosa Kramp - Functional responses of plant communities to extreme climate events
29 January

Genevie Allen - Getting to the root of the problem: the rhizosphere microbiome of Fallopia japonica

05 February

Undine Schoellkopf - Do different sizes of micro-mesoplastic affect growth of Arabidopsis under drought?

12 February Anselm Lieb - Influence of a widespread and host unspecific fungal endophyte on knotweed invasiveness
19 February Free slot(s)
26 February Belén Benítez Domínguez - Can metal hyperaccumlation increase drought tolerance?

Seminars from previous semesters