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Date Seminar
  Winter Semester 2020/2021
16 Oct

Wei Yan - Pervasive low-allele dominance associates with biomass heterosis in Arabidopsis thaliana

23 Oct Verena Schluecker - What happend to the mysterious wet meadows? (2nd talk)
30 Oct

Smilla Stroetmann - Rapid evolution in germination rate and drought mortality (Bsc, 1st talk)
Katja Tielbörger -The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.
Rehearsal for keynote talk EMBL conference (Our house is burning)

06 Nov

Heiko Hinneberg - Building a conservation concept for forest butterflies - prerequisites and first results (1st talk)

Stefanie GotterbarmHeterospecific plant soil feedback strenght in relation to phylogenetic distance
in grassland communities (Bsc, 2nd talk)                                      

20 Nov

Lina Reid - Did invasive Knotweeds adapt to the abiotic environment in the new range? (1st talk)

27 Nov Lara Saul - Resistance and resilience of grasslands to extreme drought - the role of clonality (2nd talk)
04 Dec Vistorina Amputu - Assessment of rangeland condition in a dryland systemusing UAV-based multispectral imagery
11 Dec Annika May - Phenotypic plasticity to neutral and green shade in the heavy metal hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri
08 Jan

Anne Krehl - How is the ability of soil to retain water under drought conditions affected by different concentrations of microplastic?

22 Jan Rosa Kramp - Functional responses of plant communities to extreme climate events
29 Jan

Genevie Allen - Getting to the root of the problem: the rhizosphere microbiome of Fallopia japonica

05 Feb

Undine Schoellkopf - Do different sizes of micro-mesoplastic affect growth of Arabidopsis under drought?

12 Feb Anselm Lieb - Influence of a widespread and host unspecific fungal endophyte on knotweed invasiveness
26 Feb Belén Benítez Domínguez - Can metal hyperaccumlation increase drought tolerance?

Summer Semester 2020

17 Apr Franziska Koch - The complex dance of competition: Hierarchy promotes stability in benthic competition networks (short talk)
24 Apr

Eliane Schuster - Resistance and resilience of the forest herb layer to extreme drought as a function of light (short talk)

Malina Palmer - Effects of population asynchrony on plant community stability in face of an extreme drought (short talk)

08 May

Zixin Li - Rapid evolution in two resurrection plants - A trade-off between adaptation to water availability and herbivory (short talk)

Maximiliane Herberich - Drought in semi-natural ecosystems (short talk)

15 May Grey Monroe (MPI Developmental Biology Tübingen) - From satellites to sequences: uncovering the drivers and genomics of plant climate adaptation (long talk)
22 May Verena Schlücker - The mysterious apperance of 3.3 km² wet meadows - a tour through the biotope mapping database of Baden-Württemberg (short talk)
06 Jun No seminar - Pfingsferien / Whitsun break
12 Jun

Jana Fauß - Prey selection in metal hyperaccumulating plants (short talk)

19 Jun

Lara Saul - Resistance and resilience of grasslands to extreme drought – the role of clonality (short talk)

Charlotte Møller - Adaptation of understorey herbs to forest management (short talk)

26 Jun

Mona Merkle - Effect of competition on plant phenology (short talk)

03 Jul

Eliane Schuster - Resistance and resilience of the forest herb layer to extreme drought as a function of light (short talk)

Julia Schädle - The role of soil water in extreme drought experiments (short talk)

10 Jul

Inga Tegetmeyer - Unraveling eco-evolutionary feedbacks in heterocarpic plants (short talk)

Vistorina Amputu - Vegetation secondary succession in response to time since last fire in a broad-leaved savanna in central Namibia (short talk)

17 Jul

Franziska Koch - Surprising insights into the (in)stability of competitive communities from a mathematical network perspective (short talk)

24 Jul

Rosa Kramp - Drought tolerance strategies under extreme drought (short talk)

Sophie Weides - Where does the water come from: quantifying diversity of water-uptake depths of plants (short talk)

31 Jul

Steffanie Gotterbarm - Ghost effects of plant-soil feedback (short talk)

Annika May - Can metal hyperaccumulating plants differentiate between neutral (rocks) vs. green share (competition)? (short talk)

07 Aug

Zixin Li - Rapid evolution in two resurrection plants - A trade-off between adaptation to water availability and herbivory (short talk)

Ramona Irimia - Geographic mosaic of local adaptation in an invasive thistle (short talk)

  Winter Semester 2019/2020
04 Oct Miriam Ruocco (Stazione Zoologica Naples) - Seagrass plasticity across environmental gradients and multi-level response to climate change impacts
18 Oct

Sophie Weides - Vegetation changes along grazing gradients in drylands (short talk)

Free slot

25 Oct

Sandra Roller - Can plants prepare for future stress? – The effect of plant priming against pathogen infection (short talk)

Laura Fink - Resilience of productivity and community composition after extreme drought in forests and grasslands on the Swabian Alb (short talk)

01 Nov

No Seminar - All Saints' Day

08 Nov

Frank Reis - Effects of plant age, genotype and environment on the Lotus corniculatus microbiome (short talk)

Jun Hee Jung - Interactions between Pseudomonas and plant microbiome: how stable are they across plant genotypes and environments? (short talk)

15 Nov

Sara Fiedler - Effects of biodiversity on forest and grassland communities during an extreme drought (short talk)

Malina Palmer - Effects of population asynchrony on plant community stability in the face of an extreme drought (short talk)

22 Nov Talia Karasov - From the Microbiome to the Gene: Mapping functionally important genes in the microbiomes of plant populations (MPI Developmental Biology Tübingen)
29 Nov

Jonas Freimuth - Phenological shift of plants and pollinators in Germany (short talk)

Ronja Ratzbor - An experimental test of the area-heterogeneity trade-off (short talk)

06 Dec No Seminar - Meeting StEvE
13 Dec Carola Nuglisch - Effects of energised water on plants
20 Dec

Mona Merkle - Effect of competition on flowering time (short talk)

Lisa Merkens - "Comparison of on-site threshing and regional seed mixture to establish species-rich grassland (short talk)

27 Dec

No Seminar - Christmas break
03 Jan No Seminar - Christmas break
10 Jan

Korinna Allhoff - Individual-based modeling for plant ecologists

Inga Tegetmeyer - Unraveling eco-evolutionary responses of heterocarpic plants to fragmentation (short talk)

17 Jan

Dario Galanti - Structure, Stability and ecological significance of DNA methylation in European Thlaspi arvense natural populations (short talk)

Chen Chen - Heavy metals-induced oxidative stress affects the way of DNA methylation and gene expression in pokeweed (short talk)

24 Jan

Aljoscha Mengel - Effect of management and history on dry grassland vegetation – the Spitzberg as case study (short talk)

Carola Nuglisch - Effects of Energised Water on Plants (short talk)

31 Jan Grey Monroe (MPI Developmental Biology Tübingen) -  From satellites to sequences: uncovering the drivers and genomics of plant climate adaptation -- Canceled!
07 Feb

Mirijam Gaertner (HfWU Nürtingen) - Managing invasive species in urban ecosystems: a South African perspective

10 Feb Ana Caicedo (University of Massachusetts) - Crops, weeds, and wild plants: leveraging the agricultural environment for insight into plant adaptive evolution
28 Feb

Ronja Wedegärtner (University Trondheim) - Hiking trails as shortcuts into novel environments?! – Non-native plants colonizing mountain areas along hiking trails (short talk)

Lisa Henres - Using the Resurrection Approach to test for Rapid Evolution in Mediterranean Plant Species (short talk)

  Summer Semester 2019
19 Apr No seminar - Good Friday
26 Apr

Korinna Allhoff - Surviving academia

03 May

Free slot(s)

10 May Free slot(s)
17 May

Shirley Deng - TBA


Shanghua Li - Characterization of dynamic feedbacks between the vegetation and hydrology across a hydroclimatic gradient

24 May No seminar - PopBio
31 May

Lena Wesenberg - Effects of stimuli on Volvox aureus and Euglena gracilis as basic research for future Pavlovian experiments


Sandra Roller - Can plants prepare for future stress? – The effect of plant priming against pathogen infection

07 Jun

Lisa Merkens - Comparison of on-site threshing and a regional seed mixture to establish species-rich grassland


Norina Pagano - Connecting the green and the grey world – an experimental approach to separating climate, vegetation and geochemical effects on nutrient cycling along a climate gradient

14 Jun

Sophie Weides - TBA


Free slot (short)

21 Jun DRIeR BSc students - Extreme drought in forests and grasslands on the Swabian Alb (until15:00)

28 Jun

Christina Richards - Understanding mechanisms of response to complex environmental conditions in non-model plants


Free slot (short)

05 Jul

Free slot(s)

12 Jul

Angelika Hodina - The effects of grazing and mowing on the evolution of plant phenotypic plasticity


Free slot (short)

19 Jul

Tobias Moritz Rein - Growth responses to light and root competition in Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia


Aljoscha Mengel - Effect of management and history on dry grassland vegetation – the Spitzberg as case study

26 Jul

Maximilien Oly - Fungal endophytes of the Sebacinales modulate plant growth and environmental stress tolerance – a multispecies approach


Free slot (short)

2 Aug No Seminar
9 Aug Extrasemestrial seminar: Elodie Kugler - Soil with peat compared to soil without peat
  Winter Semester 2018/2019
19 Oct

Jannik Kohl - The effects of hybridization on seed germination in two closely related Campanula species in the European Alps


Free slot (short)

26 Oct

Leah Kirchhoff - Disentangling biotic and abiotic effects on local adaptation of Plantago lanceolata


Free slot (short)

02 Nov

Free slot

09 Nov

Shanghua Li - Dynamic coupling of vegetation and hydrology greatly modifies results of classical static modeling approaches


Free slot (short)

16 Nov

Free slot

23 Nov

No seminar (Meeting StEvE)

30 Nov

Neta Manela - The effect of fire and smoke on soil seed bank germination in Mediterranean woodlands


Angelika Hodina - The effects of grazing and mowing on the evolution of plant phenotypic plasticity

07 Dec

Maximiliane Herberich - Unknown buffers – which facets of biodiversity stabilize grassland productivity against extreme drought?


free slot (short)

14 Dec

Sebastian Kühnl - Identifying feedback patterns in empirical vs randomized systems of interference competition


Lena Wesenberg - Measuring the effect of stimuli gradients on Euglena and Volvox as basic research for future pavlovian experiments

21 Dec

Heiko Hinneberg - Can plants and soil mesofauna from naturally variable environments cope better with extreme drought?


Sara Klingenfuss - The ANPP - Precipitation relationship in drylands and how we could use it to predict critical transitions and prevent desertification

28 Dec

Winter break

04 Jan

Winter break

11 Jan

Franziska Bauer - Detection of cyanotoxin genes in Bavarian lakes


Simone Rost - Identifying cyanobacterial community shifts in small Bavarian lakes over the last 100 years using sedimentary DNA: Impact of eutrophication and climate chang

18 Jan

Lara Braun - The influence of habitat heterogeneity on population sizes, extinction rate and plant diversity in an experimental grassland ecosystem


Ronja Ratzbor - TBA (cancelled)

25 Jan

Lisa Henres - Using the resurrection approach to test for rapid evolution of drought resistance


Franziska Werner - Germination behaviour of Thlaspi arvense under different environmental conditions

01 Feb

Kathrin Schratt - Larch tree stand dynamics along environmental gradients at the north-eastern treeline in Siberia


Free slot (short)

08 Feb

Ingeborg Haug - Mycorrhizal investigations in tropical montane forests in Ecuador


Hagen Ritter - Observation based spatial modelling of interference competition in
benthic bryozoan assemblages

15 Feb

Extrasemestrial seminar


Sebastian Kühnl - Identifying feedback patterns in empirical vs randomized systems of interference competition


Free slot (short)

  Summer Semester 2018
20 Apr

Robert Rauschkolb - Back to the Future: using seed banks as a tool to investigate recent adaptation to climate change

Free slot (slot)

27 Apr

Franziska Merle Willems - Effects of forest management on the phenology of early-flowering understory herbs

Maxi Herberich - Temporal storage effect promotes coexistence of plant functional type across the full range of soil water availability

04 May

No Seminar (PopBio)

11 May

Dario Galanti - Structure, stability and ecological significance of natural epigenetic variation in European Thlaspi arvense populations

Free slot (short)

18 May

Leah Kirchhoff - Disentangling biotic and abiotic effects on local adaptation in Plantago lanceolata

Free slot (short)

25 May

No Seminar (Vorlesungsfrei)

01 Jun

Free slot

08 Jun

Heiko Hinneberg - Drought response of common perennial meadow plants and soil mesofauna

Free slot (short)

15 Jun

Hannah Gelaudie - Herbivory induces clonal foraging for nutrient in plants

Free slot (short)

22 Jun

Hagen Ritter - Observation-based spatial modelling of interference competition in
benthic bryozoan assemblages

Marlena Reußwig - Characterization of grassland species growth under different habitat conditions

29 Jun

Ioanna Jakob (KIT) - Experiments on the bioprocess development of Phacotus lenticularis

06 Jul

Ronja Ratzbor - HEDGE 2 - and now there is data


13 Jul

No seminar: Clara Nesongano will defend her PhD thesis at 10am

20 Jul

Juliana Almario - TBA

Madalin Parepa - Fluctuating resources and plant invasion: a field test

27 Jul

Maria Majekova - Wilting point and osmotic adjustment in grassland plants

2nd slot filled - TBA

10 Aug

Extrasemestrial seminar: Thais Henn Werner - Can plants remember their future?

Free slot (short)

17 Aug

Extrasemestrial seminar: Eleanor Gibson-Forty - Plant-Animal interactions in the Brassicaceae family along a steep rainfall gradient in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin

  Winter semester 2017
20 Oct

Javier Morente - Disentangling local adaptation and genetic drift in marginal populations of a Mediterranean mountain plant.
Robert Rauschkolb - Does ex situ cultivation of rare plant species in botanical gardens lead to loss of adaptation to the wild?

27 Oct

Anna Kirschbaum - Evolution of plant phenotypic plasticity in response to grassland management

Allen Kandjai - Reseeding Anthephora pubescens and Brachiaria nigropedata as a restoration measure at the Waterberg, central Namibia; impacts of rainfall, soil properties and nutrients

03 Nov

Ellie Gibson-Forty - Reproduction in the desert, is it limited by pollinators? A gradient-approach in Israel

Maike Domogalla - Response of grassland plants to extreme drought

10 Nov No Seminar - Meeting StEvE
17 Nov Free slot
24 Nov

Sirona Hillenbrand - Associative learning in Arabidopsis thaliana: can the light induced stomatal opening be coupled with a gravitational stimulus?

Anubhav Mohiley - Chemical defense and chemical warfare are two sides of the same coin

01 Dec

Franziska M. Willems - Tracking (long-term) phenological changes: mining herbaria and roaming the forests

08 Dec

Maxi Herberich - Density-dependent dynamics in plant communities deviate from simple rules due to age structure, multiple species and abiotic stress

15 Dec

Miriam Heck - Thermonastic reactions in Rhododendron – intensity in different species and influence of leaf herbivory

Jannik Kohl - The effects of inbreeding and hybridization on seed germination in two closely related Campanula species in the European Alps

22 Dec Rüdiger Hampp - Vitality of lichens of different light climates in the Atlantic Rain Forest

29 Dec

No Seminar - Winter holidays
05 Jan No Seminar - Winter holidays
12 Jan

Luzia Tiggeman - Establishing multispectral imaging techniques to monitor vegetation characteristics at HBT

19 Jan Jan Ruppert - TBA
26 Jan

Eva Weber - The influence of cultivation of wild flowers on their stress tolerance

2 Feb Free slot
9 Feb

Bence Gaspar - Large-scale patterns of epigenetic diversity in natural populations of Plantago lanceolata

Nicola Lechner - Drought impacts on herbaceous plants: Separating resistance and resilience mechanisms

16 Feb

EXTRA SEMINAR: Mark Bilton - Bilton goes biltong: the search for elephants

  Summer semester 2017
21 Apr Rebecca Peters - Herbivore damage along a climate gradient in Chile
28 Apr

Liliana Szczeparska - Rapid adaptation of rare species to ex-situ cultivation conditions
Mirjam Peters - Climate change and phenological shifts - a herbarium study

05 May Katja Tielbörger - The wombat story - and other animals
12 May

Lara Braun - More is less: the effect of soil depth on species richness

Clara Nesongano - Drought and elevated CO2 effects on trees and grasses in southern African savannas

19 May No Seminar - PopBio Halle
26 May Anastasia Leonova - Interactions between invasive plants and soil biota - example of Impatiens glandulifera
02 Jun Deokjoo Son - Potential habitats of submerged macrophytes in the rivers of South Korea
09 Jun No seminar - Vorlesungsfrei
16 Jun Chris Bauch - How to capture human behaviour in mathematical models, and why it matters for understanding socio-ecological forest ecosystems
23 Jun

Lisa Küchen - Competitive abilities and invasive potential of ornamental sunflower cultivars

Chris Bauch - Dynamics of Scirpus maritimus in a temporally varying environment

30 Jun

Ronja Ratzbor - HEDGE 2: from the common garden to the Biodiversity Exploratories

Madhur Anand - Biodiversity optimization in mosaic landscapes

07 Jul

Ramon Diaz Grados - Assessing the evolutionary change of Ambrosia artemisiifolia to ambient and elevated temperature

14 Jul (N11)

Anna Eiperle - Responses of wild and cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus) varieties to temperature variability
Anubhav Mohiley - The role of biotic interactions in determining metal hyperaccumulation

21 Jul

Viktoria Ferenc - Mating systems of annual crucifer species along a rainfall gradient

Sara Klingenfuss - The influence of habitat heterogeneity on plant species diversity in an experimental grassland community

28 Jul Katja Tielbörger - Almost all the plants in the South and West of Oz
  Winter semester 2016
21 Oct

Rouven Nagel - Selection in cultivation of wild plants for seed production
Laura Bäumler - Measuring the Water-Use Efficiency of Biscutella didyma via Stable Carbon Isotopes

28 Oct

Anna Kirschbaum - TBA
Niv de Malach - Size asymmetry of resource competition and the structure of plant communities

04 Nov

Meeting StEvE

11 Nov

Jonas Dornbach - Exploit or Tolerate: Drought and grazing strategies under climate change

Melissa Sehrt - Effect of low mowing frequency on diversity of plants and pollinators

18 Nov

Ellie Gibson-Forty - Changing herbivore pressure across a rainfall gradient

25 Nov Shujuan Wei - Phylogeny or taxonomy should we care? Deal with multispecies non-independence in meta-analyses on plant responses to elevated CO2
02 Dec

Uta Grünert - Life-cycle adaptations of a calcifying freshwater green algae
Juan Pablo Suárez - Are mycorrhizal communities associated to tropical epiphytic orchids structured around keystone mycorrhizal species?

09 Dec

Jonathan von Oppen - Tea time on the summits - litter decomposition in alpine peak soils

Lara Braun - The effect of fertilisation, mowing, soil depth and treading on biodiversity and productivity

16 Dec

Ronja Wedegärtner - Under-cover?! Species shifts and snow cover in the Southern Scandes
Maren Reinhardt - The influence of fertilization, soil depth and treading on plant biomass production and plant functional group composition

23 Dec Canceled - too few people around

30 Dec

Winter holidays

06 Jan

Winter holidays

13 Jan

No presentations

20 Jan

Robert Rauschkolb - Does ex situ cultivation of rare plant species in botanical gardens lead to loss of adaptation to the wild?
Rebekka Ziegler - Cryptic diversity in Microbotryum pinguiculae on Pinguicula species

27 Jan Madalin Parepa & Zhiyong Liao - In China for Knotweed
03 Feb

Samuel Hamard - TBA

10 Feb

Liliana Szczeparska - Genetic variation in Iris pumila L. populations from kurgans and other Pontic steppe refugia in southern Ukraine

  Summer semester 2016
15 Apr

Josephina Nübold - Wurzelbeimpfungen mit VAM-Sporen, Bodenbakterien und organischen Düngemitteln an Mostbirnen im Vergleich

Niek Scheepens - Environmental variability and intraspecific diversity affect population invasibility

22 Apr Svenja Block & Lara Braun - Brazilian flora and fauna
29 Apr Yan Sun - Predicting environmental impact of non-resident species additions (& upcoming studies at Uni-Tuebingen)
6 May No seminar (PopBio Trebon)
13 May

Kilian Dorbath - Dionysia: Pollination experiments and investigation of heterostyly

Jennifer Cross - Insect communities of exotic and native Rorippa austriaca genotypes in a common garden experiment
20 May No seminar (Whitsuntide)
27 May

Stefanie Herbst - Will climate change facilitate plant invasions?

Max Schön - Biodiversity assessment of belowground fungal communities: Metabarcoding the rhizosphere of Norway Spruce (Picea abies)
3 Jun

Zhiyong Liao - A Brief Introduction to Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden

10 Jun Shirley Deng - Variable heat stress effects in more than one generation
17 Jun Edwin Mudongo - Rangeland management in face of drought - the DroughtAct Experiment
24 Jun Christine Sheppard (Uni Hohenheim) - Long-term dynamics of plant invasions
1 Jul

Cecilia Ndunge - Shrub encroachment in Namibian savannas - Testing shrub-grass interactions using reciprocal transplants

8 Jul

Anastasia Leonova - The role of soil biota in the invasive success of Impatiens glandulifers

15 Jul

Liesbeth van den Brink - Connecting the green and the grey world - Fieldwork in Chile

Rebecca Peters - Herbivorous damage along a climate gradient
22 Jul

Maxi Herberich - The self-thinning rule or where is the red line?

Nicola Lechner - Drought impacts on herbaceous plants - separating resistance and resilience mechanisms
29 Jul Extra-semestrial presentation: Fabian Slowik - TBA

Winter semester 2015

16. Oct Barbara Eckel - Ecological and evolutionary significance of epigenetic variation
Clarissa Anders - Clonal cooperation and habitat heterogeneity: Does clonality help in heterogeneous habitats and are heterogeneous habitats good for clonal plants?
23. Oct Marie Sroka - Influence of habitat heterogeneity on plant species diversity in a native grassland community - the second year
Bence Gáspár - What have I been doing?
06. Nov Alexander Kubisch (Uni Hohenheim) - Where am I and why? - A new general framework for the formation of range limits
13. Nov Wellencia Clara Nesongano - Effects of climate change and elevated CO2 on shrub encroachment and the balance between herbaceous and woody plants in (Namibian) savanna ecosystems
Ellie Gibson-Forty - Phenotypic and genetic variation in Biscutella didyma and other Brassicaceae and adaptation to environmental change
20. Nov Hanna Walter - Climatic drivers of seed size and seed shape of garlic mustard in the native and introduced range
Viktoria Ferenc
04. Dec Annamaria Achtzehn - Exotic ornamentals: potential invaders under future climate?
Mark Bilton - ORN groups are great!
11. Dec Joachim Bickhofe - Evolution of flowering phenology and the consequences under climate change
Tobias Mohr - Phenotypic plasticity in plants and its role in climate change adaptation
18. Dec Niek Scheepens - The effects of timing and frequency of temperature stress on phenology and fitness of Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes
Ruichang Zhang - Facilitation within plant species - generality and mechanisms: a review
08. Jan Anna Lampei Bucharova - How many seeds can I collect from a plant population without threatening it?
15. Jan Alexandra Ickes - Wirkung von Bokashi-Biokohle-Pellets auf Wachstum und Ertrag von Balkontomaten und Begonia dietrichina
22. Jan Ruichang Zhang - Positive interactions and SGH in conspecific cohorts: a case study
29. Jan Svenja Block - The results from the WhoIsNext project: The effect of drought timing, drought intensity and drought duration on the success of ornamental plants
05. Feb Anubhav Mohiley
Claudia Hener
12. Feb Philipp Klein - The importance of genetic diversity and local adaptation for plant restoration
Zhiyong Liao - Adaptation of invasive Chromolaena odorata plants to enemy release
  Summer semester 2015
16. Apr Svenja Block - WhatISNext: upcoming experiments within my WhoIsNext PhD project
23. Apr Rob Colautti - Results from the global garlic mustard field survey
30. Apr Clarissa Anders - Clonal plants in heterogeneous habitats
Ingeborg Haug - Monitoring of fungal communities on reforestation plots and pristine forest: Cloning and Sanger sequencing versus deep sequencing
21. May Lea Böttinger - How does plant inbreeding affect chemical defenses, herbivores, and pollinators?
Michal Gruntman - To fight or not to fight: decision making in plants under competition
28. May Maxi Herberich - Coupled modelling of vegetation–hydrology dynamics
11. Jun Johannes Reisel - Maternal effects on seed dormancy strategies
18. Jun Nicola Lechner - Influence of habitat heterogeneity on plant species diversity in a native grassland community
25. Jun Jane Devos - Retracing the path of epigenetics out of the maze of natural variation
01. Jul Patrick Kuss - Phylogeny, biogeography, and diversification in Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae)
02. Jul Michal Gruntman - A matter of time: invasion history and the evolution of an alien plant
09. Jul Sabine Urban - Ecological consequences of increased climate variability
Jennifer Cross - Insect communities on Rorippa austriaca
23. Jul Claudia Hener
30. Jul Anubhav Mohiley - The role of ecological interactions in determining metal hyperaccumulation in two model Brassicaceae species
Ronja Rosenstein - Phylogenetic diversity and composition of belowground endophytic fungal communities associated with wheat (Triticum aestivum) from organic and conventional farming systems
  Winter semester 2014
31. Oct Jonas Dornbach - Explaining ORN patterns: A drought x grazing x competition experiment
07. Nov Sara Tomiolo - To mycorrhiza or not to mycorrhiza? A multispecies approach to test mycorrhiza contribution to plant performance
14. Nov Bence Gáspár - Epigenetic diversity in grassland plants
21. Nov Shirley Deng - Stress and epigenetics in aligator weed
28. Nov Fabian Slowik - bORN in America: Response of Climatic Niche Groups to Canadian grazing and climate manipulations
Julia Bruder - Bachelor thesis introduction
05. Dec Philipp Unterweger - "Bunte Wiese": nature protection and investigations on urban biodiversity
12. Dec Miriam Paul - Bringing back the Rainforest - Reforestation Pathways in subtropical Australia and their impacts on Ecosystem Properties
19. Dec Jana Schmidt - Größen der Botanik in Tübingen - Ein Lernpfad im Botanischen Garten (German spoken, Englisch slides)
09. Jan Viktoria Ferenc - Combined impacts of water and nutrients levels on mycorrhiza dependency in different plant species
16. Jan Svenja Block - The effect of precipitation change on the invasion potential of ornamental plants - Update after the first experiment.
23. Jan Lara Braun - PhD thesis introduction
30. Jan Jun Shi
Nadine Mayer
06. Feb Tanja Laaser - Root foraging in the metal hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri
13. Feb Jake Alexander (ETH Zurich) - Indirect effects of climate change on mountain plant communities
13. Feb Students of the Plant Evolutionary Ecology course - five presentations on the results from experimental projects
20. Feb Elisa Scheib - Brechen der winterlichen Knospendormanz holziger Pflanzen durch Gibberelinsäure
Julia Bruder - Germination experiments with Namibian seeds
27. Feb Moisés Expósito Alonso (MPI) - High-throughput phenotyping in field conditions
Niek Scheepens - Adaptation to environmental variability in Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes
6. Mar Sara Tomiolo - Moving up or laying low - limits of Pinus contorta invasion into alpine zones
13. Mar Martine Huberty - Above and belowground: Herbivore defending stragies of a range expanding plant
Anna Bucharova - Regional seeds in ecosystem restoration: Plant ecotype identity affects interacting organisms over two trophic levels
  Summer semester 2014
10. Apr Maxi Herberich - Coupled modelling of vegetation-hydrology dynamics
Ronja Ratzbor - Population viability analysis of an endangered stage-structured population of Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum L.
15. Apr Jonas Dornbach - The pollination ecology of the genus Arisaema
17. Apr Svenja Block - The effect of precipitation change and precipiation variability on the invasion potential of ornamentals - first experimental ideas
24. Apr Jan Helbach - The role of soil biota in habitat resistance against invasive knotweed and the influence of environmental variability
Dorothee Gross - Bachelor project introduction
8. May Mark Bilton - Betting against change: Do seed dormancy strategies of Mediterranean annuals provide resistance to climate change?
15. May Nadine Bihler - Bachelor project introduction
Bettina Bauer - Bachelor project introduction
22. May Martine Huberty - Testing the EICA and SDH below ground for a range expending invasive species: Rorippa austriaca
Sarah Gebauer - Insect herbivore resistance of native and invasive populations of the invasive plant Lythrum salicaria
05. Jun Lisa Schmid - Bacholer project results
12. Jun Barbara Piškur - Diagnostics of tree diseases in Slovenia
26. Jun Niek Scheepens - PostDoc-project introduction: Phenotypic plasticity and plant adaptation to variable climates
03. Jul Niklas Samuel - Impact of precipitation change and competition on Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes
10. Jul Ingeborg Haug - Mycorrhizal Research in South Ecuador
Elisabeth Früh - PhD project introduction
17. Jul Dorothea Mosandl - Mycorrhization of paramo plants in South Ecuador
Katharina Greiner-Perth
31. Jul Extra-semestrial guest lecture: Marcin Piatek - Uncharted terrain: exploring the diversity of smut fungi in West Africa