Department of Biology

Department of Biology

The natural sciences have a long tradition in Tübingen. It was here that the first natural science faculty in Germany was founded in 1863. In keeping with this tradition, the Department of Biology in Tübingen has continued to grow and develop and is, today, among the biology departments with the highest research performance in Germany.

At present we offer eight degree courses in biology (1 bachelor’s, 5 master’s, 2 academic teachers training) and participate in four further interdepartmental degree programmes. Qualified and research-oriented teaching for our approx. 1100 students is guaranteed by 32 professors and more than 20 full-time lecturers.


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News from the Department of Biology


Small fish reflect on their enemies

The Yellow Black-faced Triplefin deflects sunlight to break their predator's camouflage

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Fungus produces active agent in a medicinal herb

Tübingen and Dresden researchers discover that a fungus in Tatarinow’s aster produces bioactive…

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Global warming may diminish plant genetic diversity in Europe

Plant genetic diversity in Central Europe could collapse due to temperature extremes and drought…

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