Institute for Neurobiology

Institute for Neurobiology

The institute covers neurobiology from physiology to cognition; the scientific focus is on system neurobiology.

The institute is participating in the Werner-Reichardt-Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN, excellence cluster), and the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Tübingen BCCN.

The Master's Degree program in biology offers the possibility to earn a master's degree with specialization in Neuroscience. A PhD program is available at the Faculty of Science.
We also participate in the programs of bioinformatics, cognitive science and the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience.

Director: Prof. Dr. Andreas Nieder (Chair Animal Physiology)
Vice director: Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Mallot (Chair Cognitive Neuroscience)

Group Topic Scientists
Cognitive Neuroscience
(Prof. H. Mallot)

Spatial cognition

Visual cognition

Motion perception

Prof. H. Mallot

Dr. G. Hardiess

Dr. H.J. Dahmen

Animal Physiology
(Prof. A. Nieder)

Neural basis of cognitive control

Vocal communication

Behavioral control in rodents

Auditory physiology

Bioacoustic and Echolocation

Prof. A. Nieder

Dr. S. Westendorff

Prof. P. Pilz

Prof. J. Ostwald

Prof. H.-U. Schnitzler /

Dr. A. Denzinger

(Prof. J. Benda)

Electrocommunication in weakly

electric fish

Neurophysiology of sensory


Computational Neuroscience

Prof. Dr. Jan Benda

Dr. Jan Grewe

Systemic Neurobiology
(Prof. A. Arrenberg)

Ocularmotor system


Zebrafish circuits

Prof. Aristides Arrenberg
Neural Circuits and Behavior
(Prof. A. Burgalossi)

Neural Circuits

Hippocampus, Memory

Spatial Navigation

Prof. Andrea Burgalossi

Dr. Patricia Preston-Ferrer

Neurobiology of Vocal Communication
(Jun. Prof. L. Veit)

Vocal communication and learning

Neural basis of birdsong sequencing

Flexible control of skilled behavior

Jun. Prof. Lena Veit