Institute for Neurobiology

Software of the Neuroethology Lab


AnimalBase is a tool to keep track of the animal population in a lab. It contains of a mysql backend to store subject-related information and a Java-written graphical interface to view/edit/create entries in the database.


Platform independent wrapper for simple read and write access to audio files of various formats in python.


Sharing data and associated metadata in the neurosciences is a long standing problem. NIX defines highly generic models for data as well as for metadata and defines standard schemata for HDF5 files representing these models. The NIX project also provides a convenient C++ library to simplify the access to the defined format.


odML (open metadata markup language) is an initiative to define and establish an open, flexible and easy-to-use format to transport metadata.


Relacs is a C++ software platform for closed-loop data acquisition, online analysis, and stimulus generation specifically designed for (but not limited to) electrophysiological recordings in an Linux environment. On a real-time kernel it also supports dynamic-clamp experiments.


A collection of algorithms and tools for analyzing EOD recordings of weakly electric fish written in python.